One strategy in a million: secrets of the game

No baseball strategy is a 100% winning, but some tactics allow you to regularly make a profit if the player meets all the conditions and correctly chooses events. There are many methods for betting on baseball. And many of them will bring the bettor the desired benefits.

Are there any win-win strategies for betting on baseball?

The short answer is: it doesn’t happen. Betting is luck. The favorite can lose to any outsider-if the underdog is lucky in a couple of moments. It is in the coefficient for the favorite that most of the margin is most often laid. Remember this.

“No matter how good you are, you will still lose a third of the matches. No matter how bad you are, you will still win a third of the matches. The question is, how will you spend the remaining third”.

Types of most common strategies

On the favorite

The coupon for the victory of the favorite is the most popular forecast of bettors. In baseball, you can earn good money by placing bets on the leaders.

But you should be aware of one important statistical fact: in this game, the favorites lose much more often than, for example, in hockey or football. Therefore, the choice of events should be approached with increased responsibility.

On the outsider

You already know that baseball is an extremely unpredictable sport. This fact can be used for commercial purposes. But do not mindlessly bet on all outsiders.

Follow the basic rules:

  • It is desirable that your team plays at home.
  • It should win the championship at least sometimes. It is stupid to play for the victory of a hopeless outsider.
  • Do not ignore the positive odds.
  • All bets should be of the same size.
  • Keep an eye on injuries, motivation and the significance of fights.


All stadiums are unique. This is a very important indicator that should be taken into account when forecasting. The fact is that in baseball, the wind plays a crucial role: the pitcher throws the ball, the other player hits it, the outfielders try to catch it, but it’s not easy in windy weather. If you study the features of each field, it will be easier for you to guess the total.

Catch up

This is one of the most popular strategies among professionals and beginners. The essence is a consistent increase in the wage when you lose. The bettor needs to constantly increase the amount until the winning result comes.

For example, you gamble 1000 dollars on the “A” team, the coefficient is 2.00. The wage was lost. You gamble 2000 dollars on the same outcome, the coefficient is 2.00. Defeat again. You gamble 4000 dollars on a coefficient of 2.00. Victory. Let’s calculate the profit: 1000 dollars.

MLB baseball strategy

To use this strategy, it is enough to know the basic concepts of the game of baseball. The method is based on catch-up. A baseball game consists of innings. About 70% of innings end with the score o:o. The coefficient for this event varies from 1.65 to 1.85. Eventually, you will increase the amount if we lose not twice, but three times.

Are you still thinking? Choose a strategy and gamble

What is important – do not forget that there is nothing perfect in gambling. Try out every tactic on a free account with virtual chips. If it starts to work out, switch to real money. All methods work for a long distance, so do not give up if you encounter failures at first.