Lack of knowledge – bet money away

Without realizing the rules of the game, you will not be able to do anything at all, you will waste money. The first thing that scares bettors the most is, of course, the rules. On the one hand, they are not very difficult for baseball, but on the other-all this needs to be studied from scratch. Therefore, a player, who wants to get profit from betting, has to be patient, read the basic rules and watch a couple of matches in parallel to be aware of how and what is happening here.

The core of baseball

The main task in the baseball game is to score more points (runs) than the member of the opposite team. A point is counted if the attacking player manages to pass all four bases in turn. In the classic rules, there are 2 teams of 9 people each. Each person has his own position. The location of the players depends on their position, whether it is a defense or a main attack.

Attacking Rules:

  • the baseball team has only 1 player who starts the game;
  • he has a bat, and he must hit the ball;
  • the house, as part of the field, is its starting point.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand why all the baseball players are running around the field. The whole game takes place around the position of the house and the ball that they knock out. There are also 3 bases that crew members periodically run over to. At the end, they return to the house again. Only after the process is completed, one side gets a point.

Before betting on baseball, study all the terms


  • The pitcher is the main one on defense. The pitcher from the hill (a place in the center of the square with the bases) throws pitches that the player of the opposing team tries to beat off so as to reach at least first base.
  • Lineup – a list in which players are listed in the order in which they will go to bat.
  • The hitter is the only one on the offensive team at the beginning of the attack. He stands in the house and hits the pitcher’s pitches with a bat.

Match structure

  • A hit is a successful action on offense when the batter takes the base.
  • A run is a point in baseball. Awarded when a member on the offensive team has visited all three bases and reached home.
  • Home run — when the ball is knocked out of the stadium, all the members of the offensive team who are on the bases run into the house.


  • Earned Runs Average is the most popular and one of the most inaccurate estimates of the quality of a pitcher’s game. ERA is the number of runs allowed by a pitcher per 9 innings. At the same time, the actual pitcher’s errors — hits — are not taken into account by the metric.
  • OPS is the main metric for a hitter: it shows how often he makes hits and how powerful.
  • Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched – a metric that takes into account the number of hits and walks that a pitcher passes in one inning.

Tightened knowledge – more chances for successful betting

Thus, you could witness that the policies in baseball, although not complicated, require attention and accuracy. Knowing all the terms and having the ability to include them into the analysis of the game will definitely help to make profitable bets for both novices and experienced bettors.