Bet on Baltimore Orioles and get better than you expect

One of the favorite games of sports fans in North America is baseball. There are a lot of teams from the USA and Canada. Each of these squands has its own field, and, as in all sports, they are always comfortable fighting opponents on their own field. Truly loyal fans will never miss a game on their field and never miss the chance to bet on a brilliant match. They are here to cheer on their favorite players and strengthen their confidence at once. The help that a team receives at a match is always higher on its field. Let’s take a look at the prominent baseball club with a rich history and fruitful future – the Baltimore Orioles.  

Briefly about essentials

Historical background

This is a trained baseball team that plays in the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball. It is named after the oriole, the official bird of the Maryland state.

The history of the modern Orioles dates back to the Milwaukee Brewers, created in 1894 and played in the Eastern Division. After moving directly to Baltimore, the crew received its usual nowadays label, which has a rich history in the city and has been used by various teams since the 1890s. Summing up the results of their activities, there is a good selection of promising young people in the positions of outfielders. They have been an integral part of the National League since 1901.

“Orioles” club is headquartered in the state of Maryland. The club used Oriole Park as a playground for the Major League season.


Following the relocation to Baltimore in the middle of 1950th, the main element of the club’s logo is the image of a bird.

The uniform that the club uses from 1954 to the present day is simple – the shirt and trousers were orange, the inscription “Baltimore” was applied in black with white edging. The crew also plays a number of matches in pullovers instead of shirts. An interesting point is that in 1999, the Orioles spent the season in a futuristic form. At one of the matches, the team came out in a black uniform with a white inscription, completely removing the orange color.

The squad’s mascot since April 6, 1979 is the anthropomorphic bird oriole.

Musical traditions

The tradition of a musical pause in the middle of the seventh inning was established during the 1918 World Series. During the first match of the series, it was proposed to perform “The Banner studded with Stars” in honor of those who fought during the First World War. The fans liked it and the anthem was performed at every match until the end of the series. Then the tradition spread to all stadiums.

Media and radio

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MSN) is the club’s exclusive TV channel. MASN airs almost all regular matches.

In Baltimore, Orioles plays on the stations can be monitored on WBZ-FM (105.7 FM). WBZ-FM as well transmits matches to a network of 36 stations covering all or parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

Famous name – high betting chances

You couldn’t help but notice that the team “Baltimore Orioles” can boast more than a dozen successful matches and thousands of brilliant game moments. Bettors like to bet on the sport of baseball in the person of this crew, because even within the framework of one  tournament, this crew provides a great deal of matches, and what is important, there is always something to choose from for profitable and easy bets.