To the question of how to bet in order to win, you may give a standard answer: conduct pre-match analytics, study statistics, get acquainted with forecasts, pay attention to betting odds and line dynamics.

Note that, like all American sports, baseball takes place in the mode of a spectacular and unpredictable show. Although the rules have a large number of features, the basics of the sport are intuitive from the first time, and after watching a couple of matches, you already thoroughly understand what is happening on the field and what are the reasons therefore.

Key features of the baseball game

Baseball is a team sport with a special ball and a bat. Each team has nine players (sometimes ten). The game lasts nine innings (halves), that is, both teams attack and defend nine times. The teams change sides after three players of the attacking team are taken out of the game. The victory is awarded to the team that scores the most points by the end of the ninth inning.  There is no fixed time in baseball. Any single attack can last a long time or vice versa — it depends on how quickly the team manages to succeed in it.

Baseball championships are held mainly in the summer, when most other team sports have a break. High odds can be not only on the outsiders of the championships, but also on the leaders due to the stability of baseball leagues. In this game, there is no draw, and therefore it becomes easier to predict the victory of one of the teams.

Pre-match analytics

Although this sport is not as widely popular in many countries as football or basketball, information about past matches may be found without difficulty. Before gambling on baseball, study the standings, past and personal meetings of the teams, as well as injuries and disqualifications of the main players of the squad.

Choosing a stadium

In this sport, all stadiums are different. They could be wider or narrower, longer or shorter. Each stadium has its own wind rose, which means that the wind can both interfere with players and help, slowing down or speeding up the flight of the ball. For this reason, some venues host productive matches, while others host grassroots matches.

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Baseball is a team sport, but the individual skill of athletes solves a lot. The study of the team’s pitchers is one of the most important factors when choosing wages. A pitcher is a defensive player, and in simple terms, a player who throws the ball. Almost the entire dynamics of the match depends on his throw. In the preliminary analysis, special attention should be paid to studying all the pitchers of each team: their physical condition, motivation and, most importantly, participation in the upcoming game.

Special secrets for correct first and professional predictions

  •   Hittings are the second most important baseballers after pitchers, which should also be brought into closer consideration by forecast specialists.
  •   If overtime was assigned, the strategy of total is considered exclusively with its consideration, and additional time is assigned in about 9 % of games.
  •   You should trust the statistics and your own impression, because bets on a recognized favorite are often not justified. The chances of an advertised team to win are not as high as it may seem, and the coefficients are often underestimated;
  •   For wages with a handicap, the coefficient is usually significantly lower than for bets on a clean outcome.

How much you can earn on baseball betting

No one will tell you specific figures. As in any other sports, everything depends on your competence, the initial pot and the frequency of the game. We only say here that in the United States and Canada, people who specialize specifically in baseball earn a lot, several thousand dollars a month-and this is not a joke.

One of the most famous cases in recent history is the example of Dave Oanchi. This person qualitatively analyzed all the teams before the start of the sport season in 2015 and made a bet that the winner of the league would be the Kansas Royals. The coefficient for this event was 30, and the total amount of bets was about $ 140,000. The final prize was more than $ 2.5 million.

What to bet on

There is not such a huge variety of bets in baseball, so they can be quickly figured out.

1) The victory of one or another team. An interesting fact is that there might be no draw in baseball.

2) Victory with a handicap — everything is clear here, you can take both plus and minus handicaps. A negative handicap on an outsider is especially effective, you can catch a very decent coefficient of 4 or more.

3) Total is also one of the most popular bets in this sport. Comparing the statistics of teams, pitchers and batters, you can quickly come to a conclusion whether the meeting will be productive or with a small number of runs.

4) Bets on the first 5 innings. This bid is very useful. In the first 5 innings of baseball, the pitchers of the teams do not change, so here you can more accurately predict the victory of a particular crew or the same total.

Logical assumptions for perfect gambling

Without understanding the rules of this sport, you will not be able to do anything at all, you will waste money and not even understand how it happened.

Statistical data is everything. There is absolutely nothing to do in baseball without a qualitative analysis of statistical indicators. Use a wide range of sources — there is a better and more accurate chance to find diverse information.

Play exclusively according to the strategy – baseball sport is a great platform for using a variety of strategies.