Everything is Awful and I Hate Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez is supposedly a pretty good guy. And yet at this moment there is no one that I hate more. And I don't really hate anybody! Game wrap of the Orioles' ALDS Game Three loss to the Yankees here. Read it or whatever. Drinking and/or crying also acceptable.

Orioles Win, Tie Up ALDS 1-1

As deflating as Game One was, this O's team wasn't one to quit. "Even if tonight's game wasn't literally a must-win, going to New York down 2-0 would have been mighty troublesome for the Orioles. They needed a good start from Wei-Yin Chen, and to actually score some runs against long-time O's nemesis Andy Pettitte." […]

Orioles Lose Game One of ALDS

People in Baltimore were flying pretty high, with the O's hosting their first play-off game since 1997. "Orioles. Yankees. The two teams fought until the bitter end for the AL East title, and now square off in the AL Division Series. New York sent ace CC Sabathia to the mound, while the O's countered with […]

Oriole Magic, Feel It Happen

Underdogs? "So here they are. The Orioles finally made the play-offs, and they had to travel to Texas to face a team that's beat up on them some this year. They used their best starters trying to win the AL East, leaving them with Joe Saunders as the only really option to take the mound. […]

The Orioles Can Win the World Series

Though they may be underdogs, the Baltimore Orioles are certainly capable of winning the World Series this year. Five reasons why: “1. No. 1 — and, you could certainly argue numbers two through five as well — is the bullpen. The O’s went 73-0 when leading after the seventh inning. As relievers, Tommy Hunter is […]

Game 161: Orioles 1, Rays 0

With wins by the Yankees and A's yesterday, the Orioles came into this game looking more like they'd need to go on the road for the Wild Card game. Some people were happy about Oakland's win, since it knocked the Rays out of the playoff picture – perhaps making them less motivated and allowing the […]

Setting the Orioles’ Playoff Rotation

Things are coming down to the wire, leaving Buck Showalter with some decisions to make as to how to utilize his pitching staff: "The Orioles have clinched a play-off spot. Wow. That feels a little weird to write after the last 14 years (especially given expectations going into this season), but it's true. The team […]

Orioles Gone From 2011

Over at CamdenDepot, I take a look at the players the Orioles lost from their organization from 2011 to 2012, and if any are really to be missed: "Certainly you have to say that a part of the Orioles' success this year can be attributed to some of the players that Dan Duquette brought in […]

Manny Machado’s Contributions

I look at how much Manny Machado has contributed to the O's, relative to the alternatives, over at CamdenDepot: Despite his top prospect status, I don't think the expectations for what Manny Machado would do in an Orioles' uniform this season were all that high. With Wilson Betemit on the DL though, the team need a third-baseman and […]

Taylor Teagarden and Orioles Clutch

The Orioles have gotten some really clutch performances this year, exemplified by Taylor Teagarden. I take a look at who's made the most of their production this year over at CamdenDepot; check it out.

The O’s Got The Win, But Lost a Bigger Piece In Nick Markakis

The Orioles splitting their four-game series with the Yankees in Baltimore was not ideal – it left them a game back in the AL East – but is was more or less the expected result given that New York is the better team but the O’s had home-field advantage. Both victories for the team came […]

Game 130: Orioles 5, White Sox 3

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I also hadn’t been to the park in a couple months. It was fortunate that the Orioles started Joe Saunders yesterday (I’ve had arguments with people regarding Saunders not definitely being better than Tommy Hunter, and he didn’t help those people with his first O’s start), […]

The Orioles Are Out-Winning Their Run Differential

A lot has been made this year (including by me) about the Orioles’ run differential (bad) not matching up with their actual record (good). The O’s have been outscored by 45 runs, which would indicate that they should be more like 57-66 than 66-57 – and their other non-W-L stats back up that kind of […]

Orioles Call Up Manny Machado

I have to say, I'm not completely enamored with the Orioles calling up Manny Machado today. He's a great prospect – hitting well in Double-A (the .266/.352/.438 line doesn't look earth-shattering, but it's well above average in context as noted by his 122 wRC+) and having only just turned 20 – but, well, he only […]