Taylor Teagarden and Orioles Clutch

The Orioles have gotten some really clutch performances this year, exemplified by Taylor Teagarden. I take a look at who's made the most of their production this year over at CamdenDepot; check it out.

The O’s Got The Win, But Lost a Bigger Piece In Nick Markakis

The Orioles splitting their four-game series with the Yankees in Baltimore was not ideal – it left them a game back in the AL East – but is was more or less the expected result given that New York is the better team but the O’s had home-field advantage. Both victories for the team came […]

Game 130: Orioles 5, White Sox 3

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I also hadn’t been to the park in a couple months. It was fortunate that the Orioles started Joe Saunders yesterday (I’ve had arguments with people regarding Saunders not definitely being better than Tommy Hunter, and he didn’t help those people with his first O’s start), […]

The Orioles Are Out-Winning Their Run Differential

A lot has been made this year (including by me) about the Orioles’ run differential (bad) not matching up with their actual record (good). The O’s have been outscored by 45 runs, which would indicate that they should be more like 57-66 than 66-57 – and their other non-W-L stats back up that kind of […]

Orioles Call Up Manny Machado

I have to say, I'm not completely enamored with the Orioles calling up Manny Machado today. He's a great prospect – hitting well in Double-A (the .266/.352/.438 line doesn't look earth-shattering, but it's well above average in context as noted by his 122 wRC+) and having only just turned 20 – but, well, he only […]

The Orioles Stand Pat At The Trade Deadline

The trade deadline has come and gone, with the Orioles (probably correctly) deciding to stand pat. Some thoughts on the non-trades and other things: Taking Joe Blanton’s contract off Philadelphia’s hands would have been fine. Having the Phillies pick up most of it and throwing a mediocre prospect their way wouldn’t have been the worst […]

Orioles Acquire Jim Thome for Prospects Simon, Lino

In an effort to bolster a flailing offense, the Orioles have acquired DH Jim Thome from the Phillies in return for prospects Kyle Simon and Gabriel Lino. I really like Thome, but he’s 41 years old, has no defensive value, and is batting a solid (but not outstanding for a DH) .242/.338/.516 this year. He’s […]

Orioles Using Bloomberg’s Data Presentation Tool

Yesterday the Orioles held an event at Camden Yards with Bloomberg Sports to show off the Bloomberg Baseball Data Tool they’ve started using (you know, the one that makes those graphics we see on the broadcast showing that Brian Matusz throws 55% fastballs, 15% change-ups, etc.). I unfortunately forgot my notepad, so the recap is […]

Orioles’ Offense Struggling Without The Longball

The Orioles made a go of it in New York yesterday, but came up just short. Getting swept while only scoring 3 runs in the three game series is pretty bad (though you do have to tip your cap to the Mets’ pitching staff – especially RA Dickey, who is one of the best stories […]

Game 63: Orioles 12, Pirates 5

I was always a big Erik Bedard fan – his stuff when he was on was fantastic, and the 15 strike-out game he had against Texas was probably the best pitched game I’ve ever seen live (batter were literally going back to the dugout shaking their heads). It would have been nice to see him […]

Game 62: Orioles 7, Pirates 1

Jake Arrieta was supposed to being moving to the bullpen to work out his hypothetical “problems” – pretty much just a high BABIP over his last 6-7 games – but with Brian Matusz’s start having to be pushed back after he bunted a ball into his face during practice (sounds like he’s mostly OK though), […]

Orioles Round-Up

I haven’t seen an entire Oriole game start-to-finish in a while unfortunately, or posted anything about the team. Got bits and pieces of various games though, and have been following some news. Some assorted thoughts: The Record: The O’s are now on pace to win 91 games instead of 100, which is still fine. They’ve […]

Five Game Losing Streak? The Orioles are Doomed

The Orioles have now lost five games in a row, and people are jumping off the bandwagon left and right. General consensus seems to be that the pitching has gone from great to terrible; W-L ERA FIP xFIP K/9 BB/9 HR/9 Last week 1-5 4.41 4.51 3.88 7.9 2.1 1.8 Full season 29-22 3.67 4.13 […]

Orioles Extend Adam Jones for 6 Years, $85 M

Orioles fans have been clamoring for it all season, and the team seems to have finally locked up Adam Jones with a contract extension. I was a little worried that they would feel they “had” to keep Jones, and end up giving him a Matt Kemp type deal (8 years, $160 M), but was looking […]

Xavier Avery Has Impressed So Far For The Orioles

When the Orioles drafted Xavier Avery in the second round in 2008, I wasn’t terribly excited. “Fast” plus “Raw” usually indicates (hopefully) a 4th outfielder to me, and Avery’s minor league numbers – .266/.328/.363 overall – didn’t exactly dissuade me from that view. Actually seeing him in Baltimore though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and somewhat […]