Game 112: Orioles 3, White Sox 2

The Good: * Was Buck Showalter the manager for this game? Then I guess an Orioles’ pitcher had a quality start. Brian Matusz made it seven in a row for the team, and two straight personally. Final line; 6 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 BB (1 IBB), 4 K, and 6 groundballs to 6 […]

The Buck Showalter Magic

The Orioles are 5-1 since Buck Showalter took over as manager, leading to the obvious question “should Buck be fired for losing to the White Sox once?” Or, perhaps, what sort of magic is he weaving with this team? Offense: Manager Runs/G Hitting wOBA BB% K% BABIP Duan Tremuel 3.6 .256/.315/.384 .308 7.2% 18.8% .294 […]

Game 109: Orioles 2, White Sox 1

The Good: * Brad Bergesen extended the O’s streak of quality starts to four, and did a nice job despite more flyballs (9) than groundballs (7). Final line; 7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 HR. * Koji Uehara continued looking great out of the pen, striking out a pair in […]

Game 108: Orioles 5, Angels 4

The Good: * Outstanding start from Jake Arrieta, who showed what he can do when he has control of his pitches. He took a perfect game into the 5th, and finished with a line of 7.2 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 4 K, plus 13 groundballs to 7 flyballs. The run scored in […]

On Fixing Matt Wieters

Alex Eisenberg had a post up recently at Baseball-Intellect called Fixing Wieters, in which he did a nice job breaking down Wieters’ swing to see why his production this year (.251/.329/.376) is so much lower than expected: “The first thing I noticed was Wieters’ hands were lower in 2008 than they are in 2010. Move on […]

Game 107: Orioles 9, Angels 7

The Good: * Brian Matusz pitched 6 very solid inning before being removed (partially) due to a rain delay, having thrown 93 pitches. He did a vey nice job pounding the zone, and was able to keep the ball down more than usual (10 groundouts to 7 flyouts). Final line; 6 IP, 7 H, 1 […]

Buck Showalter Era Starts In The Win Column

First off, the line-up was well constructed. Roberts in the lead-off spot is a given, but keeping Markakis and his OBP second, Scott and his general good hitting fourth, Wigginton who provides mostly just power third, and then 5-9 in close to decreasing hitting ability, were also correct. I’ve been beating the bat Nick second drum for […]

Baltimore Orioles Roundtable Chat

Join me, Jon (Camden Depot), and Heath (Dempsey’s Army) to talk some Orioles baseball tonight at 8 pm. We haven’t done this in a little while, and with the trade deadline having just gone by there’s plenty of action (and inaction) to discuss. Click Here to open up the chat window.

Orioles Hire Buck Showalter As New Manager

As you all may know, I’m not a huge believer in managers having big effects on their ballclubs. In general, I think most managers make many of the same in-game mistakes, and a large part of their job is what goes on behind closed doors and we don’t have very good information about that. Bat […]

Orioles Trade Will Ohman To Marlins For Rick VandenHurk

The Orioles took a flier on Will Ohman this off-season to compete for a spot as a lefty our of the pen. Ohman made the team out of Spring Training, and has put together a decent enough season, striking out 8.7 batters per nine innings pitched and posting a 3.30 ERA. His control has been… […]

Because It Bears Mentioning

At 32-72, the Orioles are now more games out of first-place in the AL East (33.5) than the number of wins that they have*. If they doubled their win total, they still wouldn’t be ahead of the Yankees. Astounding, and depressing. Nothing to really add to that, except there’s no real difference between 55 and […]

Jeremy Guthrie’s On A Roll

Despite taking the loss in Wednesday’s game versus the Blue Jays (the O’s are 0-12 versus the Canadian Birds this year) – due mostly to a lack of offense, with an assist from the not great relief work – Jeremy Guthrie had another excellent pitching performance, for the third game in a row. Is he doing something […]

Orioles Trade Miguel Tejada To Padres For Wynn Pelzer

Despite some reluctance to deal away veterans in the middle of a losing season, the Orioles have traded third-baseman Miguel Tejada to the San Diego Padres for pitcher Wynn Pelzer. Tejada was signed this off-season for $6 M to be a stop-gap while top prospect Josh Bell got some more development time in the minors. […]

Still Winless Versus Canadia

By the log5 method, a team with a .500 winning percentage (a touch worse than what the Blue Jays are at this season) will beat a team with a .350 winning percentage (a little better than the Orioles are at this season) about 65% of the time. So the chances of the better team winning […]

Leaving ‘Em Stranded

How often do I mention in the O’s game wraps – in the Bad section – that the Birds only scored X runs despite Y baserunners (with X << Y)? Really often, I’d say (not going to check). So when Jonah Keri commented on