Terrible Umpiring

Nick Markakis almost never even says more than a couple words to an umpire. He got ejected (for the first time in his career) for arguing balls and strikes in tonight’s game – and good for him; the calls were terrible. Pitch 1: Ball one low Pitch 2: Strike one in the same spot as […]

On Starting Julio Lugo In Left-field

First inning. None on with two outs. Josh Hamilton sends a Jake Arrieta pitch to left-field. The fielder comes in, jumps, and the ball goes off his glove and over his head (it’s scored a double). The number on the back of the jersey is a 2. Julio Lugo was apparently penciled in as the […]

Game 122: Orioles 4, Rangers 0

The Good: * Other than one quick bout of shaky control in the second inning (where Wieters came out to settle him down), Brian Matusz had a great game.  Final line; 8 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K. More groundballs (9) than flyballs (7) is also nice. Seems like Matusz had his good […]

What’s With All The Bunting?

Sacrifices by manager this season: Dave Trembley: 5 Juan Samuel: 14 Buck Showalter: 6 On a per game basis: Dave Trembley: 0.09 Juan Samuel: 0.27 Buck Showalter: 0.38 Buck – who was supposed to be a big inning type guy – has had his guys lay down the sac bunt more in 16 games than […]

Game 121: Orioles 5, M’s 6

The Good: * Luke Scott went 2-3 with a double, plus a walk. * Matt Wieters crushed a two-run homer to right-field, and almost hit one out earlier in the game to the opposite field. He had an extra-base hit stolen with a dive by the M’s left-fielder as well. He looked good at the […]

Brad Bergesen Back To Being Effective?

Brad Bergesen started out the year a mess, getting sent down to the minors a couple of times and pitching not at all effectively. He’s been on a roll of late though, and I thought I’d take a look at why (not including last night’s game, which is where I wrote this – curiosity, you know). […]

Game 119: Orioles 5, M’s 4

The Good: * Brad Bergesen – despite the short outing and plethora of hits – was very good. He kept the ball on the ground all night, getting 15 groundballs to only 3 flyballs (though two of them left the yard), and actually induced 14 whiffs. On the season, Bergy’s swinging strike rate is just […]

Felix Pie Passes A Hall of Famer

Congratulations to Felix Pie on setting a Baltimore Orioles record that almost no one knew or cared about! I was checking out his recent stats – he’s been on a tear since his T-shirt day – when I noticed that he had walk and strike-out rates of 0% and 0% respectively. That certainly stood out, […]

Bulding A Better Bullpen On The Cheap

I was thinking this weekend about the Orioles’ signing of Mike Gonzalez to a two year $12 M contract (plus incentives!) to be their closer, and the waste of putting real money into the bullpen in that fashion – especially for a team with other holes to fill and no realistic chance at contention. It […]

Game 116: Orioles 5, Rays 0

The Good: * Jeremy Guthrie stayed on a roll, despite a relatively small strike-zone. Final line; 6 IP, 2 H, o R, 4 BB, 3 K. His seasonal ERA is down to 3.88. If only there was a team out there who thought he was really that good and was willing to give up a […]

Game 114: Orioles 3, Indians 1

The Good: * Brad Bergesen got the pitchers back onto the quality start bandwagon and then-some, taking a no-hitter into the 5th inning. He threw maybe 4 pitches above the belt all night, and was able to generate some whiffs with his slider.  Final line; 9 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 4 K, […]

It’s A Good Question

Matt Klaassen; raising the question, why is Luke Scott still in Baltimore? “Given that Scott is 32 years old, heading into his third year of arbitration in 2010, and that the Orioles are a mess, one has to wonder why he’s still around… While Scott’s current .396 wOBA is almost certainly far above his true […]

Game 113: Orioles 14, Indians 8

Edit: I was on Jerry Coleman’s radio show last week, but due to the audio not sounding great (they were broadcasting from the convention center) they didn’t put it online. You can check it out here. On to the game… The Good: * Luke Scott went 2-4, including his team leading 21st home run of […]

Weak Sauce

One of my favorite things about the Shutdown Sauce nickname for Alfredo Simon was how easily it would be converted to Weak Sauce when he blew a game, which was bound to happen eventually (at the time he was perfect). And so it was – almost – yesterday, as Simon was entrusted with a one […]