Orioles Sign Derrek Lee

The O’s went after Jason Bartlett and then ended up trading for JJ Hardy (in a much better deal). They were looking at Kevin Gregg and then signed Jeremy Accardo (to a much cheaper deal – though they sadly still might have interest in Gregg). They may have offered Adam LaRoche a three-year contract and […]

Nick Markakis: No Longer A Star?

One of the more disappointing trends in recent years has been the progression (or lack thereof) of Nick Markakis’ career. After his phenomenal 2008 season (.306/.406/.491, +12 UZR), Nick has seemingly settled in as just a decent player – which is a far cry from the All-Star the Orioles need him to be to make […]

On The Orioles Acquisition of JJ Hardy

I know this is coming a little late, but I liked the move so I wanted to touch on it even if it was no longer “news”. There was exactly one player I really wanted the Orioles to pick up this off-season. It wasn’t Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford or Adrian Beltre (though singing Beltre […]

Camden Crazies Classics: All-Time O’s All-Stars

Since transferring over to Bloguin, I’ve been going through the Camden Crazies archives and sorting posts to make them accessible again. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to re-post some of the more evergreen interesting articles, for those that may have missed them the first go-around. In honor of the All-Star game being played this evening, […]

Yovani Gallardo: Break-Out Candidate?

So, Joe Posnanski revealed his break-out pitcher for 2011 recently: the Brewers’ Yovani Gallardo. Given that Poz picked Ubaldo Jimenez for 2010 and Zack Greinke for 2009, could we be seeing Gallardo go from very good pitcher to Cy Young candidate (possibly even upstaging the team’s newest acquisition – Greinke himself)? I looked into that […]

Adrian Beltre Would Be A Good Addition

When discussing potential first-base options for the Orioles yesterday, I neglected to mention my real preference: Mark Reynolds. That could be accomplished by signing third-baseman Adrian Beltre, and then shifting Reynolds to first. Beltre’s list of suitors has gotten relatively short, and the latest word is that the Angels have pulled their five year $70 […]

Who’s On First?

The Orioles offered Victor Martinez a lot of money to be their first-baseman for the next four years. He turned them down. They also offered Adam Dunn a lot of money (though less*) to be their first-baseman for the next four years. He also turned them down. Now they’re apparently going after Adam LaRoche, and […]

Early Look At The 2011 Orioles

Chris recently wrote a post over at Baltimore Sports and Life about the Orioles contending in 2011, and he subsequently emailed me for my thoughts on it. You should check out the whole thing, but my response was as follows: I’m just going to jump right in (I’m sure you’ll understand that I’m not attacking […]

Orioles Sign Jeremy Accardo

There were rumors of a crazy reliever contract going around today, but the O’s ended up signing a different former Blue Jays’ arm instead as they agreed to a one year $1.1 M deal with Jeremy Accardo. The 31 year-old right-hander had a couple solid seasons back in 2006-07, but things have really gone down […]

I’m Back

You know what’s a great birthday present? Getting my blog back* up and running. There was a mighty long delay in getting everything together, but I wanted to thank Bryan Douglass for (a) bringing me over to Fanball and (b) working hard to support the site and making sure I got to keep it after […]

2010 MVP Award

As a general rule, I don’t like to include pitchers on my MVP – Stan Musial award – ballot. The best pitcher gets the Cy Young, and the best position player gets the MVP. Yes, that means I’m reading my own rules into it. Sue me. In a lot of places it’s tough to do […]

2010 Orioles Retrospective: Troy Patton

It’s a little hard to believe that Troy Patton has been with the Orioles’ organization for three years now – longer than he spent with Houston – but it’s been quite a while since he came over in the Miguel Tejada trade. Patton’s never regained the prospect status he had before his shoulder injury, but […]

2010 Orioles Retrospective: Brad Bergesen

Brad Bergesen had a relatively promising rookie season in 2009 (especially considering his prospect status, or lack thereof) before being knocked out after taking a line-drive off his leg. A healthy Bergesen giving the team a fair number of innings in the middle of the rotation with an ERA in the 4.50 area (similar to […]

The BBA’s Top Rookies

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance announced their winners of the Willie Mays award today, denoting the top rookies in each league. My ballot was here. Close enough in the NL, but not so much in the AL. American League (first-place votes) pointsNeftali Feliz, Texas (18) 102 Austin Jackson, Detroit (6) 78 Danny Valencia, Minnesota 16 Brian Matusz, […]