Something Magic Happens

I haven't posted much in a while. I'm not sure when I'll post again; maybe in a month, or maybe never*. The curiosity and interest that drove me to write has sadly been dissipating over the past couple years, and I don't know if/when it'll come back (hopefully Spring and the start of a new season will have a positive influence). I tried to mostly write for myself (occasionally turning down conflicting positions elsewhere) and never really looked to be "famous" or get hired by a Major League team or anything like that**, so if there's not something I personally want to look into anymore, I'm probably not going to be writing anything. The burning desire to know whether or not Jeremy Guthrie's low BABIPs were sustainable*** isn't there – if the hits fall in, they fall in; if they don't, they don't.

* I remember years ago, Heath (from Dempsey's Army) and I discussing how long we might keep blogging. We said we hoped we would last through the bad times well enough to actually see a winning season. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that both he and I are hanging them up after the O's won 93 games or not.

** Mission accomplished.

*** More accurately; to what degree they were sustainable.

Writing had begun to feel a bit like a job – which is not what I wanted – and not a particularly gratifying one. I think part of it is that, while not fully mainstream, sabermetrics has expanded enough that not only are there a number of great writers online, but a fan can go to FanGraphs or Baseball-Reference and look things up for themselves relatively easily. I don't see a lot of value added from my contributing, though I hope that there were at least a few rare instances over the years where someone somewhere got a little bit out of something I wrote. I did say a lot of wrong things, but that probably (hopefully?) comes with the territory, and I did try to learn from some of those mistakes.

The experience overall has been rewarding. I never expected to be invited to Orioles FanFest or games by the team, or meet so many good people (having a relative stranger recognize me from the blog was always very weird, but neat). It's been fun. And I'll continue to be on Twitter at the very least, especially during games (Opening Day is still the best day of the year).

Thanks for reading and commenting, and for all the help along the way from more people than I can name.