Game 94: Orioles vs. Red Sox

The O’s lost in a slugfest yesterday to the Red Sox 15-10 in the opening game of the series.  They come back today to face Kyle Weiland in game two.

Red Sox:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Jacoby Ellsbury .315/.374/.496 6 4.7
Dustin Pedroia .295/.401/.468 11 5.5
Adrian Gonzalez .340/.404/.565 7 4.5
Kevin Youkilis .285/.403/.500 -6 3.4
Josh Reddick .347/.402/.653 4 1.5
Carl Crawford .246/.278/.384 0 0.1
Jarrod Saltalamacchia .247/.319/.438 0 1.4
J.D. Drew .222/.321/.309 4 0.1
Marco Scutaro .262/.333/.374 3 1.3

A team that yesterday showed they can score runs, and a lot of them.  Part of that is at fault with the pitching of the Orioles but it does not take any away from this extremely strong lineup.

Kyle Weiland:

13.50 8.21 6.72 4.5 4.5 50.0% -0.1

Weiland is making his second (and probably final) start for the Red Sox, considering Lester is supposed to come off the DL within the next few days.  He was knocked around in 4 IP last time out.

Has your four basic pitches and got some good swings and misses on the slider last time out.  He’ll need to work a little more on that curve and change before he can become effective in the majors.  Good movement on his fastball though, getting 13% whiffs.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Matt Angle .000/0.250/.000 0 0.0
J.J. Hardy .281/.336/.500 -1 2.1
Nick Markakis .295/.344/.399 0 1.7
Adam Jones .286/.326/.479 -9 2.0
Matt Wieters .269/.329/.425 5 2.6
Derrek Lee .239/.296/.380 4 0.2
Mark Reynolds .220/.337/.472 -19 0.5
Nolan Reimold .250/.344/.463 -1 0.4
Blake Davis .242/.359/.303 0 0.1

Angle continues to play in LF (with Vlad out, Reimold can DH as well).  The top of the lineup continues to hit well (Jones and Hardy went yard again yesterday) and Nick Markakis brings his average ever closer to .300 (and his slugging % that much closer to .400).

Jeremy Guthrie:

4.45 4.35 4.25 5.8 2.6 35.7% 1.2

Guthrie continues to struggle (his ERA finally tipped over that 4 mark).  He enters today with a 3-13 record.  His K/9 is not good at all (even though his BB/9 isn’t bad).  Guthrie is just having a rough year as batters continue to figure him out.

His cutter is getting almost no whiffs, which is not helping him out.  That should be a go-to pitch that he can get good whiffs on (not necessarily a K pitch).  His slider is one of the few pitches that really have been working well for him all year.