Game 9: Orioles vs. Rangers

The O’s got knocked around in game two yesterday, which did a number on their pythag (down to 5-3). Need more offense.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Ian Kinsler .214/.371/.607 0 0.4
Michael Young .265/.265/.353 0 -0.1
Josh Hamilton .323/.400/.419 0 0.2
Adrian Beltre .182/.206/.394 0 -0.1
Nelson Cruz .360/.452/1.000 0 0.7
Mitch Moreland .313/.421/.563 0 0.2
Yorvit Torrealba .273/.273/.500 0 0.1
Andres Blanco .333/.333/.667 0 0.0
Julio Borbon .286/.375/.571 0 0.2

As good as second-baseman Brian Roberts has been in the lead-off spot for the O’s, Ian Kinsler has been better for Texas. Same thing with Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz.

Derek Holland:

4.50 1.87 3.08 7.5 1.5 47.4% 0.3

The Dutch Oven is a solid young left-handed pitcher already, who should help the Rangers make up for the loss of Cliff Lee (if only a little) now that he’s a full-time starter.

Holland throws pretty hard, and his slider and change-up are both effective offerings which should allow him to handle both right-handed and left-handed batters fairly well (though righties have taken him deep at a much higher rate in his career).


Batting Fielding fWAR
Brian Roberts .219/.242/.500 0 0.1
Nick Markakis .259/.364/.407 0 0.1
Derrek Lee .172/.273/.276 0 -0.1
Vladimir Guerrero .242/.242/.333 0 -0.2
Mark Reynolds .259/.310/.481 0 0.2
Adam Jones .233/.226/.433 0 0.0
Jake Fox .000/.000/.000 0 -0.1
Matt Wieters .217/.280/.261 0 0.0
Robert Andino .000/.000/.000 0 -0.1

Jake Fox in left-field? Should be interesting. It’s those other positions that drag down Fox’s value, given that he’s not a good fielder. If he just stuck to catching, I think he’d end up above replacement level.

Jeremy Guthrie:

0.00 1.91 3.42 6.8 1.1 40.0% 0.4

Good to see Guthrie healthy enough to take the mound (or, at least I hope that’s why he’s out there).

The horizontal movements from the PitchFX seemed off (miscalibration?), so I shifted the pitches to the left a little to more where they’re “supposed” to be. It also said he threw a bunch of cutters, which I folded into fastballs for now. You can see how Guthrie had his off-speed stuff working in the first start.

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