Game 86: Orioles at Red Sox

The O’s continue their tumble towards the All-Star break, as they drop another game yesterday to the Red Sox.  They face no easy task to bounce back tonight, facing Josh Beckett at Fenway.

Red Sox:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Jacoby Ellsbury .300/.361/.453 6 3.5
Dustin Pedroia .277/.391/.406 9 3.8
Adrian Gonzalez .353/.407/.593 6 4.4
Kevin Youkilis .271/.392/.480 -6 2.6
David Ortiz .302/.383/.565 0 2.4
Jason Varitek .248/.333/.419 -1 0.7
Marco Scutaro .267/.327/.370 2 1.0
Darnell McDonald .125/.197/.250 3 -0.3
Yamaico Navarro 1.000/1.000/4.000 0 0.2

This lineup showed it’s power yesterday, hitting 6 home runs (the last time they did that was a few years ago against none other than the Orioles).  Gonzalez continued his fantastic season with another home run.  A little mixup today, as Saltalamacchia and Drew are out of the lineup.

Josh Beckett:

2.12 3.05 3.66 7.7 2.6 38.0% 2.8

After a poor season last year (mostly due to injury) Beckett is back in fantastic form this year.  His numbers are phenomenal, with a near 2.00 ERA, and a 7:2 K:BB ratio.  His GB% is a little low (which I’ve never been a fan of) but he has learned to work around it.

One of Beckett’s reason for success is his rather large reliance on his new pitch: the cutter.  Really helped him out this year and he’s used it to great effectiveness, getting a whiff 25% of the time.


Batting Fielding fWAR
J.J. Hardy .291/.351/.515 -3 1.7
Nick Markakis .285/.334/.378 0 1.0
Adam Jones .288/.330/.471 -10 1.5
Vladimir Guerrero .278/.308/.378 0 -0.1
Matt Wieters .262/.315/.397 4 1.9
Derrek Lee .245/.307/.359 3 0.2
Mark Reynolds .228/.354/.483 -17 0.7
Felix Pie .239/.252/.292 -5 -1.0
Robert Andino .258/.330/.311 2 0.5

Buck is still trying out Pie and Reimold in left, tonight with Pie getting the start.  Other than that, it’s the same lineup from last night.

Zach Britton:

3.47 3.81 3.82 5.5 3.2 55.6% 1.7

Britton comes into tonight’s game trying to stop the bleeding from the string of poor outings he’s having ever since his fantastic start.  Since throwing seven shutout innings against the Yankees on May 18th (a game he didn’t win), he hasn’t had a scoreless outing and is 1-4.

Britton (though getting more whiffs on his slider) isn’t getting as many swing and misses on his two-seam fastball, which is by far is go to pitch.  Though he gets over 52% whiffs on his slider, he really doesn’t use it that much.  He needs to get more whiffs on the pitches he uses most (two-seamer/sinker and fastball) or he’ll continue to run into trouble.