Game 85: Orioles at Red Sox

A day after the O’s were swept by the Rangers they head to Boston to take on the red-hot Red Sox in the last series before the All-Star break.

Red Sox:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Jacoby Ellsbury .310/.369/.475 8 4.3
Dustin Pedroia .277/.391/.409 10 4.1
Adrian Gonzalez .348/.405/.583 6 4.4
Kevin Youkilis .277/.397/.496 -5 2.9
David Ortiz .299/.383/.559 0 2.4
Josh Reddick .388/.439/.612 5 1.4
Jarrod Saltalamacchia .251/.323/.429 0 1.2
J.D. Drew .237/.337/.329 4 0.4
Marco Scutaro .265/.333/.361 5 1.3

A very dangerous lineup from 1-9.  Whether it’s contact or power, this lineup has it all.  A possible MVP candidate in Adrian Gonzalez and a couple All-Stars in the lineup make it one of the best in the bigs.

Andrew Miller:

3.06 4.31 4.10 6.6 3.6 50.0% 0.2

Miller comes into tonight’s game only having thrown 17.2 IP and 65 IP in the minors.  However, he comes in with a 2-0 record and some pretty good numbers.  He does walk a few more per nine than he should, but he K’s a good amount as well.

Again, not much info to work with, going off only 17.2 IP.  Has a good fastball though and his slider has great bite.


Batting Fielding fWAR
J.J. Hardy .288/.350/.523 -2 2.0
Nick Markakis .293/.339/.385 0 1.3
Adam Jones .283/.326/.457 -10 1.3
Vladimir Guerrero .282/.317/.389 0 0.1
Matt Wieters .269/.319/.413 5 2.3
Derrek Lee .233/.293/.351 3 0.0
Mark Reynolds .230/.350/.504 -19 0.8
Nolan Reimold .271/.362/.492 -1 0.4
Robert Andino .259/.329/.315 2 0.6

Reimold is back in the lineup tonight against the lefty Miller.  Reynolds is also dropped from 5th to 7th in the lineup and Wieters and Lee move up.

Jake Arrieta:

4.74 4.62 4.21 7.4 4.3 45.0% 0.6

Jake Arrieta enters tonight’s game looking for his 10th win of the season.  He’s almost the opposite of Jeremy Guthrie: he gives up a lot of runs and his control is very spotty; but he K’s a lot and is the “good luck” winner.  His K average is great; his walk average, not so much.  He needs to work on his control if he wants to be a good Major League pitcher.

Arrieta has good stuff.  A 92-94 MPH fastball (with a little movement) and a good hard sinker which are off-set by his sharp slider and big hook.  When he can hit his spots, he’s money.  However, he’s not always hitting his spots (see his walk count).  Needs to locate his pitches better to be more effective.