Game 64: Orioles 5, Blue Jays 6

The Good:

  • JJ Hardy… still awesome. A 3-5 day out of the lead-off spot, including a double. The O’s may end up costing themselves a fair bit of money for waiting to sign him to an extension. Should have done it before the season – at the moment it might not be cost effective.
  • Luke Scott also had three hits – one of which was a bunt down the third-base line with the infield shift on. If he can do that consistently, it’ll be a nice bonus.
  • Matt Wieters crushed a game-tying two-run as a right-handed* batter, almost appearing to one-arm the ball into the stands. And he threw out a runner trying to advance on a wild pitch.
  • Been a while (like, last season), but Nick Markakis had a “Nick Markakis day”**, with a couple single, a double, and a walk.

* I noted earlier in the year that it looked like Wieters had more power in his swing from that side of the plate this season, and the numbers bare it out; 4 HR in 63 PA right-handed, 3 HR in 154 PA left-handed (his wOBA is like 100 points higher versus lefties as well, whereas for his career it goes the other way by 30 points or so).

** A game with a double and a walk. Not really who he his anymore though.
The Bad:

  • Chirs Jakubauskas is back to being Chirs Jakubauskas. Maybe he’s a decent major league long-man. Maybe. Final line; 5.1 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4 BB, 2 K.
  • Buck brought Jeremy Accardo out for the 7th inning with the O’s down 4-3. Why? He isn’t good. He shouldn’t be pitching in high leverage situations. Down 2-3? Sure. Down 1? I guess on the road their chances aren’t that good, but still. Predictably he gave up 3 hits (including a double and a homer), and was only saved from giving up more than 1 run by Wieters’ arm. Alfredo Simon should be in in that spot, but he’s the long man for some reason.

The Final:

Nice comeback for the O’s, but they could only keep the Jays down for so long. They lose in extras and fall to 30-34 on the season.