Game 55: Orioles vs. Blue Jays

After a day off, the Birds head back to Oriole Park to face a division foe, the Blue Jays.

Blue Jays:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Yunel Escobar .296/.377/.443 -2 -1.4
Corey Patterson .291/.320/.455 2 1.3
Jose Bautista .360/.502/.773 2 1.6
Juan Rivera .235/.308/.348 2 -0.4
J.P. Arencibia .256/.316/.487 -2 -2.2
Aaron Hill .239/.280/.329 -1 -2.0
Edwin Encarnacion .252/.284/.354 -8 0.7
Rajai Davis .275/.312/.396 -4 0.9
Jayson Nix .193/.280/.373 5 0.6

A rather strong lineup from the Blue Jays.  Bautista continues his torrid pace, and Arencibia, Hill, and Encarnacion help balance the lineup out.  Davis has great speed to get things started for the top of the lineup.

Carlos Villanueva:

2.62 3.38 3.62 7.9 3.2 39.8% 0.6

Villanueva has been converted from a reliever to a starter, making 15 appearances and only 2 starts (a 2-0 record from that).  His numbers are very good, a little high on the walks, but also has a nice K/9 count.

Only has four pitches, but mixes them well.  Has good movement on his slider and curve which get plenty of whiffs.  Also he is very good with his spots which helps him out.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Felix Pie .259/.259/.333 -4 -0.5
Adam Jones .296/.339/.462 -2 1.9
Nick Markakis .244/.311/.318 2 1.0
Vladimir Guerrero .289/.314/.403 0 0.6
Matt Wieters .263/.326/.401 2 -0.1
J.J. Hardy .250/.324/.406 1 -2.6
Luke Scott .230/.318/.412 -1 0.1
Mark Reynolds .190/.303/.369 -9 -0.1
Robert Andino .259/.363/.310 2 -1.8

Not much change in the Orioles lineup tonight.  Hardy moves to the 6 spot and Jones remains in that 2 spot.

Zach Britton:

2.93 3.99 3.91 4.8 3.1 54.7% 1.0

Arguably one of the best pitchers for the Orioles so far this season, his numbers still show it (though he’s dropped to 5-3).  One bad thing is that his K/9 has gone down from above five to a bit below five.  He needs to keep this up especially because he has a rather high BB/9 count.

Britton still mainly uses that two-seamer/sinker that is very good.  He also has a great slider and his change-up is so good because it looks similar to his two-seamer/sinker but much slower and just drops off the table at the last second.