Game 49: Orioles at Athletics

Riding their longest winning streak of the season, the Orioles head to the West Coast to battle the A’s.  Finally back to .500, the O’s can take a step over .500 tonight in their efforts to catch 1st place in the AL East.


Batting Fielding fWAR
David DeJesus .258/.330/.405 -5 0.1
Daric Barton .206/.319/.269 -2 -1.0
Ryan Sweeney .314/.415/.400 -1 -1.2
Josh Willingham .229/.313/.401 -6 -0.5
Hideki Matsui .230/.279/.355 0 -1.0
Kurt Suzuki .252/.320/.377 1 -0.1
Mark Ellis .205/.239/.275 3 0.4
Andy LaRoche .233/.298/.302 -4 -0.4
Cliff Pennington .252/.305/.333 -4 -0.6

The A’s are in the bottom of the league in runs scored and you can tell by a lot of the numbers here.  However, they usually don’t need to score many runs with their pitching staff as good as it is.

Gio Gonzalez:

2.20 3.22 3.33 8.8 3.6 49.3% 1.1

Gonzalez has been very good this year for the A’s.  He enters today with a 5-2 record in 9 starts.  He strikes out a good bit and has a decent GB% (very few of his fly balls leave the yard anyway, as he averages .63 HR/9).

He has good stuff, and his change-up is filthy.  With the movement on his two-seamer already relatively good, when he drops the speed by 8 MPH and has that change-up drop off the table, it’s pretty tough to hit.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Robert Andino .268/.366/.330 1 -1.8
Adam Jones .293/.337/.459 0 1.8
Nick Markakis .258/.324/.340 -4 1.1
Vladimir Guerrero .302/.325/.427 0 0.6
Matt Wieters .265/.335/.401 2 0.0
Nolan Reimold .545/.583/1.455 0 0.0
Mark Reynolds .200/.305/.381 -7 -0.1
J.J. Hardy .243/.329/.392 1 -2.5
Jake Fox .196/.245/.413 -2 -1.6

Jake Fox takes over 1B today for Snyder.  The O’s need to continue to hit the ball and not make stupid mistakes at the plate (popping up a bunt in the 12th inning).  Other than that, Adam Jones and Vlad have picked up this lineup (along with Nolan Reimold!).

Chris Tillman:

4.95 3.44 4.62 6.2 3.5 37.7% 0.9

Tillman’s 4.95 ERA isn’t AS scary as it looks.  He just needs to fix that 2:1 K:BB ratio if he wants to get better and last longer in his starts.  Aside from that, he’s not bad.  His GB% may be extremely low, but only 2.9% of his FB leave the yard–that’s pretty good.

Relies heavily on his fastball.  Needs to locate it down in the zone or else he’s going to get knocked around all day (not saying home runs, the A’s have a rather pitcher friendly park).