Game 43: Orioles vs. Nationals

After the slaughter that was yesterday’s 13-2 loss to the Yankees, the Orioles look to bounce back and start interleague play against the rival Nationals.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Roger Bernadina .273/.360/.318 -1 0.2
Ian Desmond .212/.248/.349 -4 -0.1
Laynce Nix .307/.330/.545 -2 0.5
Jayson Werth .234/.330/.409 -2 0.5
Matt Stairs .091/.286/.091 -1 -0.2
Adam LaRoche .172/.284/.262 1 -0.4
Wilson Ramos .269/.337/.409 2 0.8
Danny Espinosa .194/.292/.375 1 0.5
Jerry Hairston .229/.306/.339 -4 -0.2

Not an extremely impressive lineup, Werth not doing as well here as he did with Philly (also not truly living up to his monster contract).  But the Nationals are still hanging around in the rough NL-East division (yes, they’re in last, but only 3 games below and 6 games back of the Phillies).

Jason Marquis:

3.54 3.14 3.53 5.2 1.7 51.7% 1.1

Marquis has been rather good this year, sporting a 5-1 record to go along with his mid-3 ERA.  He’s not overpowering but he doesn’t walk very many which helps him out tremendously whenever he’s starting.

Not overpowering, as you can see, but uses a good variety of pitches to fool batters.  His slider has good break and his change-up drops off the table very well to get a good amount of whiffs.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Felix Pie .259/.259/.333 -2 -0.4
Adam Jones .292/.345/.448 2 1.3
Nick Markakis .249/.317/.343 -2 0.0
Vladimir Guerrero .303/.329/.430 0 0.4
Matt Wieters .273/.347/.414 2 1.3
Luke Scott .227/.319/.429 1 0.6
J.J. Hardy .241/.311/.407 0 0.3
Mark Reynolds .186/.288/.350 -5 -0.3
Ryan Adams .000/.000/.000 0 0.0

Some movement in the lineup, Jones moves up to the 2 spot for today’s game.  With Brian Roberts on the 7-day DL (didn’t know that existed) and Lee on the 15-day DL, Luke Scott gets the start at 1B and Ryan Adams makes his ML-debut at 2B.

Jake Arrieta:

4.03 4.11 3.71 8.1 3.7 42.1% 0.6

Arrieta was very good in his last outing (6 IP, 2 ER, 7 K, 3 BB) against the first-place Rays.  He’s been able to get a good amount of K’s because of his great breaking pitches.  His ERA has also dropped tremendously because of his last few quality outings.

As I mentioned, Arrieta has those great breaking pitches which get most of his strikeouts.  He’s been in great command of them lately, hopefully he can stay in command of those pitches tonight and work some K’s.