Game 42: Orioles vs. Yankees

The O’s dropped a tough one at home last night in a crazy and unusual game against the Yankees.  The game went to 15 innings and also saw Mike Gonzalez ejected.  Should be interesting to see how the Birds bounce back in today’s series finale.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Derek Jeter .255/.308/.309 2 0.4
Curtis Granderson .266/.337/.604 1 2.1
Mark Teixeira .257/.380/.493 -1 1.3
Alex Rodriguez .266/.350/.496 3 1.7
Robinson Cano .287/.325/.522 0 1.4
Russell Martin .261/.362/.479 0 1.5
Jorge Posada .179/.287/.366 0 -0.2
Nick Swisher .215/.329/.304 0 0.0
Brett Gardner .261/.341/.395 5 0.8

Posada is back in the lineup.  I’m interested to see how he responds after the whole “big deal” that’s been going on with him and the Yankees.

CC Sabathia:

3.47 3.05 3.47 7.9 3.2 47.8% 1.4

Sabathia has had the Orioles’ number throughout his career.  Though, this season his numbers are a little worse than normal (and they still aren’t bad at all).  He comes in with a 3-3 record.

Has a nasty fastball/change-up combination and his slider is filthy as well.  Gets plenty of K’s but also walks his fair share of batters.

*Not sure why the little “Legend” icon is on the graph.  Sorry about that.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Robert Andino .267/.375/.320 2 0.7
J.J. Hardy .265/.339/.449 0 0.4
Nick Markakis .248/.315/.345 -2 0.0
Vladimir Guerrero .298/.325/.429 0 0.3
Adam Jones .287/.341/.440 2 1.2
Felix Pie .260/.260/.340 -2 -0.3
Mark Reynolds .184/.289/.346 -5 -0.3
Jake Fox .158/.220/.395 -2 -0.3
Brandon Snyder .000/1.000/.000 0 0.0

A little bit of a shakeup in the O’s lineup for tonight’s game.  Brian Roberts, Derek Lee, Luke Scott, Matt Wieters are all out of the lineup (mostly for rest, a few played 15 innings last night).  Vlad and Adam Jones have been picking it up lately, both with averages almost at .300.

Brad Bergesen:

4.35 3.81 4.22 5.2 2.2 37.6% 0.6

Bergy was dominant in his last start and got his first win of the season in his first career shutout.  His numbers are still average, not a big strikeout guy and still doesn’t get enough ground balls, though his ERA is down around his career average (4.33).

The graph confirms that he isn’t a big K guy, he’s more about location.  And though he has gotten better, he still needs to improve.  If he isn’t hitting his spots against this very strong Yankee lineup, he’s going to get in trouble quick.