Game 27: Orioles at White Sox

Orioles hit a 3-game win streak, pushing their record back to .500.  They face the White Sox once more in this 4-game series before heading to KC.

White Sox:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Juan Pierre .248/.306/.274 -6 -1.0
Alexei Ramirez .257/.322/.371 -1 0.3
Adam Dunn .171/.308/.316 -1 -0.2
Paul Konerko .294/.361/.486 1 0.8
Carlos Quentin .290/.377/.579 0 1.2
A.J. Pierzynski .258/.287/.315 -1 0.0
Alex Rios .155/.235/.223 -1 -0.6
Mark Teahen .275/.370/0.400 -1 0.1
Gordon Beckham .208/.257/.317 1 0.0

The Orioles pitching has done very well this series against the White Sox main hitters.  Konerko has dropped from a .316 average entering this series to a .294 avg, and Quentin entered with a .304 avg and now stands at .290.  Not bad from the O’s pitching staff (and defense).

Mark Buehrle:

5.12 3.83 4.43 4.2 2.3 39.7% 0.7

Buehrle has not been particularly sharp this year (his ERA is above his career average, and his K/9 and BB/9 are slightly worse than normal).  He doesn’t get many ground balls and has also been a victim to little run support (see last start).

Not overpowering stuff, but the change-up usually catches batters fishing, as does his curve (pretty good 12 MPH drop-off from fastball).  However, doesn’t really have that punch-out pitch that he needs.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Brian Roberts .262/.310/.421 -2 0.3
Nick Markakis .206/.274/.294 0 -0.3
Derrek Lee .228/.304/.287 -1 -0.3
Vladimir Guerrero .269/.269/.398 0 -0.2
Luke Scott .262/.324/.538 3 0.7
Adam Jones .207/.250/.402 3 0.4
Mark Reynolds .172/.253/.345 -5 -0.5
Matt Wieters .247/.318/.468 1 0.8
Robert Andino .333/.407/.417 2 0.7

The O’s offense showed a little power yesterday, hitting two home runs (Reynolds, how about it?) and also getting a bases-clearing double from Nick.  They did strike out 10 times compared to only 2 walks (ouch).

Jeremy Guthrie:

2.53 3.57 4.11 5.3 1.1 35.2% 0.6

Guthrie continues his very solid start to the season in every column–except wins.  The hard-luck loser for the O’s, Guthrie’s ERA is a whole 2 points lower than his career average, yet he’s only 1-3 on the year.  He’s keeping his walk count very low which has helped out tremendously.  He just needs to be wary of the amount of fly balls he gives up tonight; good chance they could leave the yard.

Guthrie uses all of his pitches often and has two decent swing-and-miss pitches.  A good sinker/change-up combo works to counteract his 92 MPH fastball.  Just needs to work the ball down tonight as to make sure it stays in play.