Game 19: Orioles vs. Yankees

The O’s offense didn’t show up to the Yard on Thursday, as the O’s could muster only one run in the loss to the Twins.  Though Scott Baker was much of the reason the offense could muster nothing, it wasn’t the whole reason.  They have no easier task today, going up against C.C. Sabathia.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Derek Jeter .219/.282/.234 0 -0.2
Curtis Granderson .273/.322/.691 4 1.2
Mark Teixeira .259/.380/.638 1 0.9
Alex Rodriguez .366/.491/.780 0 1.0
Robinson Cano .303/.309/.576 -1 0.5
Nick Swisher .273/.377/.309 1 0.3
Jorge Posada .160/.276/.460 0 0.0
Russell Martin .314/.375/.608 0 0.9
Brett Gardner .128/.196/.191 0 -0.5

Not many holes in “baseball’s most expensive lineup,” as you can see.  Say for MAYBE Jeter and Gardner (who really isn’t off to a good start hitting wise), the Yankees have been hitting the ball very well.  The 3-4-5 hitters are very scary, with three possible yearly MVP candidates.

C.C. Sabathia:

2.52 2.89 3.40 8.3 3.2 39.2% 0.7

Sabathia comes in with very good numbers (even after giving up 4 runs in 6.1 IP in his last outing).  He knows how to punch batters out, striking out an impressive 8 per 9 IP.  The 3 BB/9 doesn’t seem so bad when he strikes out that many.  He traded K’s for groundballs last year, but has reversed that somewhat in the early going in 2011.

Sabathia has a nasty slider to complement that 93 MPH fastball.  His change-up is his big swing-and-miss pitch though, dropping off the table at around 86 MPH.  Tough to beat that.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Brian Roberts .280/.316/.467 -1 0.3
Nick Markakis .203/.273/.319 -2 -0.3
Derrek Lee .209/.303/.284 0 -0.2
Vladimir Guerrero .280/.280/.427 0 0.0
Adam Jones .222/.242/.381 1 0.2
Mark Reynolds .186/.269/.322 -3 -0.4
Matt Wieters .269/.345/.519 0 0.6
Jake Fox .143/.250/.500 0 0.1
Robert Andino .308/.379/.308 2 0.3

Again, the O’s just can’t seem to draw walks when they play.  They need to do this especially today against Sabathia.  Really need to work the count against him because Sabathia can handle big pitch counts late in games.  I’d really prefer for him to not still be throwing in the 7th or 8th inning.  To do that, the O’s need to foul pitches off, draw some walks, and put solid wood on the ball.  Easier said than done though for the O’s.

Brad Bergesen:

3.38 6.20 4.18 5.9 1.7 40.0% -0.1

Bergesen’s been on the short end of the stick this year, with a solid ERA but an 0-2 record.  No run support (go figure) in his two decisions this year.  His K:BB ratio is very good, but Bergy has been susceptible to giving up the long ball (20 % of his FB leave the yard, and gives up 2.5 home runs per game.. ouch). Those home run figures will come down, but he’s still going to need to keep the ball on the ground more going forward. He needs to keep the ball low against this very powerful lineup or we’ll be seeing the ball flying out of the park often – Bergesen isn’t really meant to be a flyball pitcher.


Not very overpowering stuff, nor big swing-and-miss stuff.  He needs to focus on locating his pitches and keeping his walk count down.  I think he’d also appreciate some offensive production (from the O’s).