Game 14: Orioles at Indians

This post is going up late because I overslept (was up late putting the game wraps together for The Outside Corner). It was put together by Cal Abadin, who’s been helping out with the PitchFX graphs recently and is going to be the prime game preview man now. Normally I’d look to add my two cents in somewhere if need be, but , well, overslept. So let’s just throw him right into the fire with his first full post! Thanks for the hard work Cal! Welcome aboard!

And the losing streak continues, as the O’s drop under .500 for the first time this year.  They go out today, looking to avoid the sweep at the hands of the Tribe.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Grady Sizemore .000/.000/.000 0 0.0
Asdrubal Cabrera .293/.333/.569 0 0.7
Shin-Soo Choo .226/.228/.358 0 0.0
Carlos Santana .191/.278/.255 -1 -0.2
Travis Hafner .333/.380/.578 0 0.4
Orlando Cabrera .288/.321/.423 0 0.2
Travis Buck .231/.259/.346 0 0.0
Matt LaPorta .250/.346/.477 0 0.3
Jack Hannahan .237/.310/.421 0 0.2

Sizemore makes his season debut after knee surgery.  Should be interesting how his presence back at the top of the lineup affects the red-hot Indians.

Fausto Carmona:

6.11 5.33 3.57 7.46 3.06 58.2% 0.0

Carmona has actually pitched much better than his numbers show.  Aside from opening day (10 ER, 3+ IP), he’s been fantastic since (14.2 IP, 2 ER).  Should settle today, O’s need to string together some walks.

Carmona’s main pitch is his sinker, complementing his fastball and slider, decent swing and miss stuff though.  His K/9 is a little above his career average, look for that to come down.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Brian Roberts .232/.246/.446 0 0.1
Nick Markakis .220/.286/.380 0 0
Derrek Lee .224/.309/.306 0 -0.1
Vladimir Guerrero .259/.259/.333 0 -0.2
Luke Scott .222/.344/.407 0 -0.1
Mark Reynolds .256/.327/.442 0 0.3
Felix Pie .357/.357/.357 0 0.0
Matt Wieters .194/.275/.333 0 0.1
Cesar Izturis .286/.375/.286 0 0.1

The O’s have cooled down considerably, though I don’t think most expected the hitting to keep up.  Not much offense yesterday, need more to work Carmona today if the O’s want a win.

Brad Bergesen:

3.18 5.01 4.76 6.35 3.18 22.2% 0.0

Bergesen gets the start, needs to get that GB% up.  I’m not liking such a low percentage, eventually that ERA is going to climb at that rate.

Bergesen doesn’t rely on swings and misses very much, and expect that K/9 to come down considerably; relies rather heavily on his fastball, which batters normally make pretty solid contact with.

Stats: UZR, WAR, ERA, FIP, xFIP, K/9 & BB/9, GB%PitchFX