Game 135: Orioles vs. Blue Jays

After taking game one from the Blue Jays on Tuesday, the Orioles were not only shut out yesterday but slaughtered.  A 13-0 loss which saw Bautista hit is 39th home run of the season.  The Orioles look to bounce back and take this series against the Jays.

Blue Jays:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Yunel Escobar .288/.363/.409 3 4.2
Marcus Thames .197/.243/.333 -1 -0.3
Jose Bautista .311/.451/.645 -2 8.0
Adam Lind .258/.302/.449 -2 0.7
Edwin Encarnacion .279/.339/.472 -7 1.6
Kelly Johnson .215/.295/.421 4 1.9
Brett Lawrie .326/.381/.674 2 1.8
J.P. Arencibia .221/.282/.450 -4 1.4
Mike McCoy .206/.336/.284 2 0.5

A decently good hitting lineup (highlighted by Bautista) and helped out by a good year from Escobar, this team is a pretty good team.  Aside from having to play the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays 18 times a year each, this team could do some good things.  Thames and McCoy are the two only weaker parts of the lineup.

Luis Perez:

3.29 3.92 3.52 7.4 3.5 65.6% 0.4

Perez is a rookie who was called up earlier this year when the Blue Jays needed help in the pitching department.  He’s done a very good job (though only a 3-2 record) but he has held his own against ML hitters.  His decently good K/9 and very good GB% bode well for future years.

Plenty of whiffs all around from Perez, especially from that slider (change-up isn’t used as much).  Decent velocities on his pitches as well and uses a combo of his slider/curve to punch out hitters.


Batting Fielding fWAR
Robert Andino .259/.327/.325 -3 0.7
J.J. Hardy .273/.313/.513 3 3.6
Nick Markakis .283/.341/.399 -1 2.0
Adam Jones .288/.324/.474 -9 2.9
Vladimir Guerrero .276/.306/.389 0 -0.4
Matt Wieters .265/.329/.431 5 3.4
Mark Reynolds .225/.324/.486 -22 0.7
Nolan Reimold .236/.304/.414 1 0.5
Ryan Adams .288/.333/.356 -1 0.0

Aside from getting shut out yesterday, a few bright spots still remain in the Orioles lineup, with Hardy, Markakis (with his slugging nearly at .400), Jones, and Wieters.  Not much else to say about it.

Tommy Hunter:

4.98 4.11 4.17 3.8 1.2 44.3% 0.5

Hunter has been below average this season, in almost all categories (say for that very good BB/9).  Even with his BB/9 at 1.2, it doesn’t justify a weak 3.8 K/9.  He needs to bring that up along with his GB% to get to be effective in the Majors.

Main problem is he gets next to no whiffs (or movement for that matter) on his fastball.  Yeah, he gets good whiffs on his curve and decent on his cutter, but his curve really is not used as much.  He needs to work on that fastball a lot if he wants to really improve that K:BB and in turn his ERA and effectiveness.