Game 113: Orioles vs. White Sox

The Orioles lose a tough one to the White Sox in the series opener yesterday, blowing the lead in the 8th inning.  They look to bounce back tonight and end a two game losing streak.

White Sox:

Batting Fielding fWAR
Juan Pierre .279/.334/.329 -6 -0.2
Alexei Ramirez .265/.326/.400 8 3.4
Paul Konerko .306/.386/.550 0 2.7
Carlos Quentin .264/.349/.517 3 3.0
A.J. Pierzynski .284/.326/.396 -3 1.4
Alex Rios .218/.261/.318 -6 -0.9
Brent Lillibridge .265/.344/.507 0 1.2
Gordon Beckham .245/.302/.354 3 1.0
Brent Morel .255/.273/.305 3 -0.2

A pretty good lineup from top to bottom.  Konerko continues to hit the ball well as he has all season.  Most of the lineup (say for Rios) has been pretty consistent this season hitting-wise.

Gavin Floyd:

4.56 4.03 3.88 6.5 2.2 43.3% 2.0

Floyd has pitched decently well this season, he just catches some tough breaks (check his ERA/FIP/xFIP and his record).  He also doesn’t pitch in the best pitcher’s park in the majors.  Basically saying, he has pretty good stuff.

Doesn’t get many swing and misses on his primary pitches, but he has good two strike pitches (good cut fastball and curve).  It works for him, because it’s not like he uses his fastball that much more than his cutter or curveball (39% on fastball, 27% on cutter, 20% on curve).


Batting Fielding fWAR
J.J. Hardy .270/.317/.512 -2 2.4
Nick Markakis .284/.339/.391 -1 1.7
Adam Jones .289/.327/.485 -8 2.8
Vladimir Guerrero .274/.311/.389 0 -0.1
Chris Davis .237/.276/.409 -1 -0.1
Mark Reynolds .219/.329/.481 -21 0.6
Matt Wieters .259/.319/.399 5 2.5
Felix Pie .219/.253/.278 -11 -2.0
Robert Andino .264/.339/.331 -2 0.6

Hardy continues to impress, as he becomes the third Oriole to hit over 20 or more home runs this year.  Aside from Hardy, Markakis, Jones, and Wieters, the rest of the O’s lineup is pretty mediocre (or worse, Pie has the worst fWAR in the majors).

Jo-Jo Reyes:

5.37 4.61 4.63 5.2 2.9 39.8% 0.7

Reyes hasn’t really been impressive this year, mostly with the Braves.  He takes over tonight for the injured Zach Britton.

He uses his two-seamer and fastball are used just about the same amount (39% and 35% respectively).  He does get more whiffs on his fastball than his two-seamer, which is a little different than usual.  And no whiffs on the curveball is not good at all (even though it’s sparingly used).