An Orioles Beyond Wins & Losses Update

The Orioles Beyond Wins and Losses tab has been updated for the first time in a while:

The Basics:

W L W%
47 76 .382


RS RA Pythag. W% Pythag. W Pythag. L
517 661 .389 48 75

Advanced Stats:

wOBA wRC Baserunning Expected RS
.317 528 1 529

ERA FIP xFIP Defense Expected RA
4.95 4.61 4.23 -54 633

Expected W% Expected W Expected L
.418 51 72

That’s ugly.

The Orioles are on pace to win 62 games. If they play to their expected winning percentage from here on out, they’d finish with 63 wins.

They haven’t won a series since the end of June versus the Reds, and haven’t won one against an AL team since the beginning of June versus the A’s.

I’ve been busy so I haven’t seen more than 4-5 innings of a single O’s game in over a week, but between people being hurt and the ones who are healthy not playing well (to say the least), 100 losses looks like a fair bet at this point. At least the Astros (42-85) exist.

Stats: Pythagorean W%, wOBA, wRC, ERA, FIP, xFIP, Defense