2011 Orioles Projections: Bench

With the starting nine done, I thought going through the bench all together real quick would be the way to go. It’s very likely that a couple players (at least) not listed below will get playing time for the O’s in 2011, but if the starters all stay relatively healthy the “unknown” production should be particularly impactful (so, around replacement level overall).

Craig Tatum: 175 PA, .248/.316/.303 bat (~8 runs below average), average defense (~0 runs), 0.2 Wins Above Replacement

Tatum’s ability to draw a free pass seems better than originally expected, but he doesn’t really bring anything else to the table.

Jake Fox: 275 PA (all over the diamond), .238/.285/.406 bat (~8 runs below average), below average fielding (pretty much everywhere, to the tune of around -1 to -2 runs overall), -0.2 Wins Above Replacement

Fox’s poor fielding and general inability to do much with the bat except hit some home runs makes him about a replacement level player.

Cesar Izturis: 300 PA (at 2B and SS), .249/.297/.302 bat (~16 runs below average), good defense and short and very good defense at second (+3 runs or so), 0.0 Wins Above Replacement

The glove makes up for the “bat”, but only just. Still, it’s nice to not have to worry about who will take over if a middle infielder goes down. Kinda.

Felix Pie: 325 PA (where needed in the OF), .265/.317/.417 bat (~4 runs below average), decent defense in center and above average defense in the corners (+2 runs overall), 0.7 Wins Above Replacement

Just throwing it ou there… give Pie 550 PA and he’d be at 1.1 WAR. Same as Vlad, in equal playing time. Defensive value matters.

That leaves a few plate appearances to scatter around, but everyone but Pie totals to around replacement level. The bench isn’t particularly good as far as the infield is concerned, but at least the team probably won’t need to scramble to find a warm body at the first sign of trouble.

The total WAR for the all of the position players is about 19.4, which is a substantial increase from 2010 (9.6 fWAR, 9.5 brWAR). Here’s the break-down:

Stats: wRAA, WAR