2011 Orioles Fan Fest

The football season isn’t fully over yet*, but things are already starting to gear up for the 2011 baseball season – starting with the Orioles’ Fan Fest being held this upcoming Saturday (more info, including ticket and autograph voucher purchasing**, here). I’ll be there at the Blogger Forum** (mainstage from 5:25 to 5:55) if anyone wants to come say hey or ask questions or whatnot. Should be fun.

* Had the Packers going all the way. Still looking good there.

** I know some fans are mad about the vouchers, as well as the increased ticket prices to the games once the season starts. The former seems misplaced given the justification presented by the time (shorter wait lines/times; proceeds going to charity; and free in the kids area). The latter just seems like a tone-deaf move from the team on a PR level, but I don’t know that it’s a terrible business decision. Not sure how many people won’t go now that would have due to the extra couple bucks (and if that’ll more than cancel out the additional revenue from people still going). And I believe O’s tickets are still below average in price, and haven’t gone up in a while.
*** Actually, I’ll be there all day. Not looking to get autographs or photos or anything – just nice to be around baseball stuff in the middle of the winter.