2011 All-Star Ballot

It kinda seems like the season just started, but the All-Star break is right around the corner. There will, of course, be people on the team who probably shouldn’t be (including due to the every team must have a rep. rule), as well as some players who were snubbed. Here are my picks, using both the first half of 2011 and a little bit of the second half of 2010 (seems a little weird that half the year doesn’t seem to matter in picking baseball’s “All-Stars”). The starting nine and their back-ups, AL-NL:

C: Alex Avila (Matt Wieters), Brian McCann (Miguel Montero)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez (Miguel Cabrera), Prince Fielder (Joey Votto)
2B: Ben Zobrist (Ian Kinsler), Rickie Weeks (Danny Espinosa)
3B: Alex Rodriguez (Adrian Beltre), Chase Headley (Placido Polanco)
SS: Alexei Ramirez (JJ Hardy), Jose Reyes (Troy Tulowitzki)
LF: Brett Gardner (Jacoby Ellsbury), Matt Holliday (Ryan Braun)
CF: Curtis Granderson (Denard Span), Andrew McCutchen (Shane Victorino)
RF: Jose Bautista (Matt Joyce), Matt Kemp (Justin Upton)
P: Jered Weaver (Felix Hernandez), Roy Halladay (Cole Hamels)

I think the NL actually has the better crew.

The biggest differences between my list and the voting are:

  • AL C; Matt Wieters isn’t in the top 5 while Russell Martin is in 1st.
  • AL 2B; Cano and Pedroia are 1-2. Zobrist is a distant 5th.
  • AL SS; Ramirez isn’t in the top 5. Jeter is hilariously 1st.
  • AL OF; Span isn’t in the top 15. Francoeur is in the top 15.
  • NL 2B; Espinosa isn’t in the top 5.
  • NL 3B; Headley isn’t in the top 5.
  • NL OF; Cutch isn’t in the top 15. That’s insane.

Remember, fans need to vote because this is a game played for them. Except it determines home field advantage in the World Series. So obviously Frenchy should get a chance to help have an influence there, according to way, way, way too many people.