Yunel Escobar’s Bad Attitude: How Much Does It Cost?

A little more on today’s big trade… One of the purported reasons for the seemingly light return is that Yunel Escobar apparently has attitude and effort issues that rubbed people the wrong way in Atlanta. That’s the piece I want to look at, though it requires going through a bit of other work.

I’m assuming that neither team is run by idiots, but also that their knowledge isn’t extraordinarily better than ours. Some people mentioned that we can’t just judge the trade a loss for the Braves, because we don’t know what they know. Quick responses to that are: (1) of course we can’t, (2) that doesn’t mean that their extra knowledge adds value (knowing Escobar’s favorite pizza topping probably isn’t going to swing his OPS more than, say, 50 points), (3) one of the things they can know that we can’t which would help regards Yunel’s intangibles, but that cat’s already out of the bag, and (4) it’s no fun to write blog posts where all you do is circle the Not Enough Information option. I’ll try to weight everything towards the Braves favor just in case though.

The projected production vs. salary break-down (ie, surplus value) – with the difference between what the Braves gave up and what they got potentially being how much they wanted to get rid of Escobar’s attitude – is at Beyond the Box Score. Check it out.