You Can Win An Gift Card!

With Spring Training having begun and the start of the season right around the corner, I though I’d hold a little giveaway here. How it works* is this:

XX O’s Wins RT @CamdenCrazies Follow, ReTweet, & predict the # of O’s wins for a chance to win a $25 gift-card

Where the XX is the number of games you think the Orioles are going to win in 2010.

  • And on March 14th, I’ll randomly select one person to get a $25 gift-card to (the one I picked up at the Orioles FanFest).

I know a lot of readers aren’t on Twitter, but I recommend it – if only so we can converse during Orioles games, which I’ll often be tweeting during instead of live-blogging as I sometimes did last season. If you want to sign-up just for this, that’s cool too. Feel free to say hey though.

* I’m personally not a huge fan of these types of “follow me on Twitter and I’ll give you stuff” promotions, but seeing as how I won the Most Active Blog award in large part due to conversing with people via Twitter, I thought it would be nice to reward those people for making me look good.