Working Off The Plate To Get A Called Strike

For those of you that may not know, MLB Notebook closed up shop recently. I really enjoyed posting there, and wanted to thank Zach Sanders for bringing me aboard. Sometimes when a door closes, a window opens however (or whatever the expression is), and luckily for me the kind folks at Beyond the Box Score offered me a place at their (awesome) site. My first post is up there now, where I looked at pitches thrown off outside edge of the strike-zone and their called strike percentages based on the location and call of the previous pitch. An excerpt’s below; click through for the full version.


“I was looking at some Pitch/FX data a couple weeks ago and – as will sometimes happen – Tom Glavine popped into my mind. Specifically, the way Glavine was said to have worked the outside corner, getting a called strike and then throwing a pitch a little farther outside, and then another a little farther, and so on. As the announcers would tell it, before long Glavine would be getting strikes called on pitches a foot outside. I asked around and it seemed that no one had looked into this previously (correct me if I’m wrong), and Eric Seidman from Baseball Prospectus was kind enough to help me lay out how to go about things. (I didn’t do exactly what Eric suggested, but I wanted to thank him for the assistance.)”