Ty Wigginton Selected To All-Star Game

Congratulations to Ty Wigginton on being selected to be the Orioles’ lone representative to the 2010 All-Start team. The O’s didn’t actually deserve to have anyone at the game, but there’s that rule that every team has to send someone – even though the winner of the game gets World Series home field advantage (either make it an exhibition or don’t – this half-way stuff is no good).

I imagine it’s very easy to pick out the All-Star line here:

A – .292/.339/.409, 0.9 WAR
B – .274/.348/.520, 1.3 WAR
C – .246/.331/.445, 0.3 WAR
D – .307/.397/.436, 1.8 WAR

If you selected the guy with the .338 wOBA (player C), then apparently you’d be correct. Not only does Wigginton only have the 4th best wOBA on the team, behind Scott (B- .376), Markakis (D – .365), and Patterson (A – .348), but he’s 6th on the team in Wins Above Replacement (amongst position players), behind those three and Wieters (0.9 WAR) and Jones (0.7 WAR). Then there are the pitchers – Matusz (1.5 WAR), Guthrie (0.7 WAR), Berken (0.7 WAR), Millwood (0.5 WAR), and Hernandez (0.5 WAR). So that puts Wigginton a magical 11th. On the Orioles. It’s not exactly Omar Infante (177 PA, .318 wOBA, 0.5 WAR) over Joey Votto (337 PA, .424 wOBA, 3.6 WAR), but Infante has been more valuable than Wiggy this season.

After starting out the year on a tear, Wigginton has been ice cold with the bat and terrible with the glove (-8.3 UZR). He leads the team in home runs (14), but Jones (13 HR), and Scott (12 HR) are right there while also providing more defensive value and better overall hitting, respectively. Seems like Wiggy was selected based on the memory of his first month, his 43 RBI, and his ability to stand at different places on the infield with a glove. I kinda hope Ty makes it into the game now, and makes an error at second-base that costs the AL the game. That would show Joe Girardi.