Still Winless Versus Canadia

By the log5 method, a team with a .500 winning percentage (a touch worse than what the Blue Jays are at this season) will beat a team with a .350 winning percentage (a little better than the Orioles are at this season) about 65% of the time. So the chances of the better team winning 10 in a row – which Toronto has now done versus Baltimore this year – are 0.65^10, or about 1.3%. So yeah, pretty unlikely (though getting outscored 56 to 21 doesn’t help). If, on the other hand, the O’s were 10-0 instead, then they would actually be a half-game ahead of the Jays in the standings. Sigh.

On the bright side, Matt Wieters hit two home runs in the game (and Luke added another), and also walked twice. A strong end to the year for Wieters would make things look better for 2011.