Spring Training Game 5: Orioles vs. Red Sox

Finally, some televised baseball! MASN is only having four of the O’s Spring Training games on TV, and they’re all against the Yankees or Red Sox. This one has Jeremy Guthrie starting things out against Boston.

The Good:

* Guthrie picked up a couple of K’s in the first inning.

* Nick Markakis took Clay Buccholz deep and gone to right. He just turned on an inside fastball and sent it out.

* Will Ohman struck out a pair, and might be strengthening his case for a spot in the pen as a lefty arm.

* 25 year-old infielder Miguel Abreu made a couple of very nice defensive plays at second-base, and picked up a couple of hits at the plate. And stole a base. Nice day, but he’s still not making the team.

* David Hernandez struck out 4 in 1.2 IP, but he did give up a solo home run.

The Bad:

* Guthrie also gave up a run on two hits and two walks in the second inning.

* Nick also struck out chasing a high fastball, and then again an off-speed pitch down and in.

* Kam The Almighty continued his Spring Training struggles, pitching a scoreless inning but giving up a couple of long flyballs and being saved twice by his defense.

* Armando Gabino gave up 3 runs on four hits, while recording just one out.

* Miguel Tejada is still batting clean-up. I really don’t approve of that turn of events. I like Dave Trembley fine, and I don’t think either line-up construction or managers in general have much of an effect, but if even one time during the regular season I see Cesar Izturis batting second and Miguel Tejada batting fourth, I’ll want Dave fired.

In what might be a script that replays itself a few times this season, the Orioles held a lead going into the later innings but Boston came back against the bullpen and ended up winning 5-4. The O’s drop to 1-4 in Spring Training.