Spring Training Game 3: Orioles vs. Pirates

Moving from a fellow AL East team to a follow long-streak-of-losing-seasons team, the O’s hosted the Pirates in Sarasota.

The Good:

* Chris Tillman struck out three in two perfect innings, with two of his remaining three outs being on the ground. Good signs all around.

* Adam Jones went yard for his first of the Spring – nice that it was to the opposite field as well.

* Miguel Tejada reportedly making a couple nice plays at third. He also cracked a double at the plate.

* Chorye Spoone pitched (OK). I has very high on him before his injuries, so it’s just nice to have him out on the mound.

* Hard-throwing reliever Luis Lebron struck out two in his perfect inning.

The Bad:

* Mike Gonzalez gave up a run on two hits and a walk. It wasn’t a save situation though, so obviously it doesn’t matter.

* Jake Arrieta K’ed two, but also walked a pair and gave up a hit and a run in one inning of work. Sounds like he was a little shaky. At least another half-season in the minors sounds like a good idea to me (irrespective of his Spring Training performance).

* Alfredo Simon (I didn’t actually know he was still with the team) gave up two runs in the ninth and took the loss. Not going to be the #3 starter this year (I hope).

* Nick Markakis went 0-3 and struck out twice. If the K’s means he’s willing to work deeper into counts and maybe walk more, then this might actually belong in the “Good” column.

O’s go down 5-3, and drop to 1-2 in Spring Training. I guess they’ll lose 100+ games this season.