Orioles Discussion, Elsewhere On The Web

I know things have been a little (extra) stat-detailed lately, so I thought I’d point to a couple of place on the InterTubes where I recently weighed in a more basic manner on Orioles stuff.

First up, a guest post at the Fantasy Lounge about the improvements in the Orioles’ starting rotation from 2009 to 2010, and the potential for the future. The intro:

“The Baltimore Orioles are in the midst of a streak of 12 straight losing seasons, and a big reason for that has been some bad pitching – especially starting pitching. Going in to last year, the team had posted an ERA north of 5 for consecutive seasons, and every year I’d think “well, it has nowhere to go but down, right?” But then it wouldn’t really get worse. Since Andy MacPhail took over as general manager, he has emphasized developing pitching in the organization and O’s farm system has become flush with top pitching prospects. One can already see a big step forward at the major league level as well, even if the results on the field don’t completely bear it out yet.”

I also did a quick hit with Ray Flowers and Kyle Efrink at Fantasy Buffet about all sorts of O’s topics, including the series about Nick Markakis’ walk rate that I’m currently doing, Adam Jones’ injury history, who the best O’s starter will be in 2010, what we can expect from Garrett Atkins, Matt Wieters and Mike Gonzalez, and what would constitute a successful year for the team. I come on at around the 38 minutes mark.