Orioles Bringing Up Rhyne Hughes

The Orioles are bringing first-baseman (and sometimes outfielder) Rhyne Hughes up from Triple-A to hopefully add some offense to this club. I don’t really see it though. Hughes is mashing in the minors, with a .353/.421/.667 line and 3 home runs in 57 PA. He’s cut the strike-outs down to 23%, but a .429 BABIP^ won’t carry forward. CHONE and ZiPS had similar projections for Hughes; around .233/.291/.370. You want to bump that up based on his hot start, and he’s still probably an average hitter at best (which won’t really cut it as a less than stellar defender at an “easier” position).

I’m not totally sure what function he serves with Luke Scott on the team, unless they want to play Scott and Hughes in left/first respectively instead of Montantez and Atkins, at least against right-handed pitches. I suppose maybe they’re just hoping to see what Hughes can do at the big league level – which is fine – but I’d be surprised if he’s the cure for what ails the offense. The corresponding roster move is still not clear, but there’s a fair chance either Alberto Castillo or Justin Turner are getting sent back down, or else Julio Lugo might get cut.

Edit: Looks like it’s Turner. Makes some sense, since he can’t really play shortstop and they wanted a second lefty in the bullpen (I assume).