Networking Crazies

Very cool post today by Dave Allen at The Baseball Analysts, about the networking structure of blogs:

“I used the data from BallHype to generate the web. I looked at their top 200 baseball blogs and then went back to each blog’s last 100 posts and saw which of the other 200 blogs linked to that post. These are links from posts to posts not general links from a blog to another blog…

To make the image a little more simple and only show the stronger connections I re-drew this graph with edges only when one blog linked another one three or more times. I dropped out blogs which were not connected to the main component using this new edge definition. Each link is directed with an arrow going from the linking blog to the linked blog. The algorithm tries to draw the vertices in positions such that they are close to blogs that linked them and which they linked. So you can sort of see clusters of blogs which should be similar (linked to and from similar blogs)”

And here’s the image (click to embiggen):

The big surprise is that this blog is included, and the really neat part is the location – in the middle, a little up – right around The Book Blog, Baseball Prospectus, The Baseball Analysts, and pretty close to FanGraphs, Beyond The Box Score (duh), and The Hardball Times. Makes some sense, but I still thought it was nifty.