Jake Arrieta’s Victory

Nice debut from Jake Arrieta tonight against a tough opponent. The Orioles offense actually managed to score a few runs for him, and the bullpen held it (including David Hernandez coming out and throwing gas to pick up his first career save). The final line in Arrieta’s first major league start (and win); 6 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 4 BB (2 IBB), 6 K. Here’s a look at his stuff (though the Pitch/FX missed a couple offerings; thanks anyway Brooks Baseball!):

The fastball was used prominently, touching 96 a few times and having some nice tailing action on it. The change-up didn’t have a lot of movement, and Arrieta might want to get just a little bit more separation, velocity-wise, from the heater. He did do a nice job keeping it down in the zone pretty well, and got a few swings and misses on it. Looks like he had good arm action with it. Jake threw two breaking balls: a slider with good bite what he kept mostly at the knees or below, and with which he was able to generate several whiffs; and a big breaking curveball. It’s a nice repertoire, and if he can command it then he should be able to have some success. That “if” is the issue though.