I’m Back

You know what’s a great birthday present? Getting my blog back* up and running. There was a mighty long delay in getting everything together, but I wanted to thank Bryan Douglass for (a) bringing me over to Fanball and (b) working hard to support the site and making sure I got to keep it after the network shut down. I also wanted to thank the whole Bloguin crew for letting me continue with Camden Crazies under their banner and helping me get everything set up.

* When I wrote the title of this post, I was reminded of Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine (I was under the impression that the first line of the title track was “He’s back!” instead of the actual “He’s bad!”). Still, I like this description of doing statistical baseball analysis: The day to day experience / Is the data that I download / And then remaster onto a rapture / Abracadabra before and after. That’s what that song’s about right?

The Orioles have made several moves while I’ve been away – I covered several of them at Beyond the Box Score here – but I’ll just add that giving Kevin Gregg $10 M is really not a particularly smart idea. Unfortunately the long time off means I won’t be able to finish my 2010 Orioles Retrospective series, but I’m sure there will be plenty of things to look at throughout the off-season.

Anyone feel free to email me questions or requests for posts or whatnot at CamdenCrazies@yahoo.com*. You can follow me on Twitter at CamdenCrazies, and join the Facebook page as well.

* Non-O’s related questions can be sent to BtBQuestions@gmail.com, where I can cover them in the Beyond the Box Score mailbag.