Game 9: Orioles vs. Rays

Another series finale, another game where the Orioles are just hoping to avoid a sweep. The team is on a five game losing streak, and will likely need a very strong start from Brad Bergesen. In won’t be an easy day for O’s batters, having to face hard-throwing lefty David Price. Definitely a contrast in styles between the two starters.

Rays’ line-up:

  Bat Pos Batting
Rodriguez, Sean R 2B .176/.222/.176
Crawford, Carl L LF .360/.433/.640
Zobrist, Ben S RF .323/.364/.548
Longoria, Evan R 3B .286/.344/.536
Pena, Carlos L 1B .308/.379/.577
Upton, BJ R CF .250/.344/.321
Burrell, Pat R DH .200/.304/.250
Brignac, Reid L SS .556/.556/.889
Navarro, Dioner S C .227/.261/.227

Price’s strong 2010 debut:

K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP^ xFIP^  
8.2 3.5 0.0 47.8% 2.29 4.07  

His stuff^ from that start:

He throws a hard fastball, but then can also take a little off to add some movement to it. The change isn’t a fantastic pitch, but there is that big speed disparity to deal with. He compliments the heater with a hard slider and a slower curve that had a fair bit of movement on it. Another Rays’ pitcher with very good stuff, but the control isn’t always there.

The O’s crew:

  Bat Pos Batting
Jones, Adam R CF .229/.250/.400
Wigginton, Ty R 2B .286/.286/.714
Markakis, Nick L RF .192/.417/.269
Tejada, Miguel R SS .212/.278/.364
Reimold, Nolan R LF .158/.273/.368
Scott, Luke L DH .227/.320/.545
Atkins, Garrett R 1B .250/.276/.357
Tatum, Craig R C .000/.000/.000
Izturis, Cesar S SS .250/.318/.250

More movement, with Adam “Mr. Swing at Everything*” Jones in the lead-off spot. Wieters finally gets a day off. If the line-up manages 4 runs I’ll be pretty happy.

* By “Everything” I mean almost half of pitches out of the strike-zone (45.1% according to FanGraphs). Yikes.


K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP xFIP  
3.9 1.9 1.9 42.1% 5.51 5.07  

If Bergy’s locating the ball at the bottom of the strike-zone he’ll be effective .