Game 78: Orioles 1, A’s 8

I had an enjoyable time in the press-box tonight (minus the whole, you know, game part). You get all the excitement of being at the game, plus the computer to write the game wrap right away and chat on Twitter (which I think I did way more of than usual, since there wasn’t a lot else to occupy myself with). I don’t think I made anyone mad* at me, so maybe the team will let me do it again some time. It was a bit weird not to cheer – I’m not usually that expressive anyway, but there were (just) a couple of occasions where I wanted to clap or whatnot – and especially not to say “O!” during the National Anthem. One neat thing was that an announcer gave updates as to what was going on – who was warming up in the bullpen, Arrieta’s pitching line, defensive replacement – which was handy.

* I got into a round of fisticuffs with Roch from MASN about whether Felix Pie or Nolan Reimold was the better left-fielder, but he’s much stronger than me – have you seen those guns? – and I think I was in the right anyway, so it probably doesn’t count. Also, that may not have actually happened.

The Good:

* Corey Patterson (he’s not good, so credit when it’s due) doubled to lead off the game, and then later dropped down a beautiful bunt towards first-base that was placed so well no one even bothered to field it. Then he stole second – his 13th theft in 15 tries. His play on the other side of the ball left a little to be desired though, and he did K twice.

* Josh Bell made his major league debut, which was cool to see. He picked up a single – serving a pitch to left-field – and made a throwing error at third-base (along wiht a nice sliding stop). He’s not expected to be in the majors for that long, with Felix Pie coming back soon, but it’ll be interesting to see what he can do right now (I’d guess not a whole heck of a lot, but who knows).

The Bad:

* Jake Arrieta’s less than stellar control continued, as he gave out four free passes and threw only 55 of 99 pitches for strikes. His final line – 6 IP, 7 H, 4 R (3 ER), 4 BB, 2 K – was made worse by a two-run misplay (but not error) by Corey Patterson in left, who misjudged a ball, got turned around a couple times, and then kind of stumbled as the “double” went over his head. Not that Arrieta was really on his game otherwise though.

* Only 1 run on 7 hits (6 singles) and one walk. The A’s made a number of great defensive plays and Cahill was on his game, but it’s still troublesome.

* The O’s defense, on the other hand, made a couple errors and a couple mistakes, which certainly didn’t help their cause.

The Final:

The Birds drop the game 8-1, and the series 2-1, and to 24-54 on the season. Kind of a let-down after their recent level of play.