Game 5: Orioles vs. Blue Jays

The Orioles could very easily be 3-1, but instead they’re sitting at 1-3 with all four of their games being one-run affairs. The O’s could really use a win after yesterday’s Home Opener debacle, and it will largely be up to 5th starter David Hernandez to make it happen. Opposing him will be a pitcher the Jays picked up for, more or less, nothing this off-season; lefty Dana Eveland.

Jays’ offense:

Bat Pos Batting
McCoy, Mike R 2B .400/.400/.400
Bautista, Jose R RF .200/.350/.333
Lind, Adam L DH .333/.444/.533
Wells, Vernon R CF .500/.588/1.357
Overbay, Lyle L 1B .071/.176/.214
Encarnacion, Edwin R 3B .083/.235/.083
Gonzalez, Alex R SS .278/.278/.667
Snider, Travis L LF .214/.353/.357
Molina, Jose R C .000/.000/.000

Evelands 2009 stats:

K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP^ xFIP^ WAR^
4.5 5.3 0.8 56.5% 5.05 5.20 0.2

His stuff^:

Eveland seems to have a pretty extensive repertoire. Doesn’t throw hard – high 80s – gets enough sink on his pitches to induce groundballs. His breaking pitches look solid, and they’ve been his best offerings according to FanGraphs’ run values in his career at +0.42 and +0.41 runs per 100 sliders and curveballs thrown respectively. Not huge platoon splits in his career though, with 4.08 xFIP versus lefties and 4.85 xFIP versus righties. Eveland doesn’t have the best control, so if the O’s batters don’t chase and wait for a strike to hit then they should be able to hit him pretty well.

The O’s line-up:

Bat Pos Batting
Lugo, Julio R 2B .000/.000/.000
Jones, Adam R CF .222/.263/.444
Markakis, Nick L RF .231/.474/.385
Tejada, Miguel R SS .235/.316/.412
Atkins, Garrett R DH .375/.375/.563
Wieters, Matt S C .429/.500/.643
Reimold, Nolan R LF .200/.333/.500
Wigginton, Ty R 1B .000/.000/.000
Izturis, Cesar S SS .300/.364/.300

Atkins is batting ahead of Wieters, which I suppose means he’ll get smoted at some point during the game. I don’t understand Wieters playing for a fifth game in a row, but that’s just me. At least DH him or something. Lugo is batting lead-off because he’s playing second-base and can run. Reimold, who actually, you know, is good at getting on base, is down in the seven-hole. Because nothing makes more sense than making sure inferior hitters get more plate appearances. At least it’s not Izzy, I guess.

Hernandez (’09):

K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP xFIP WAR
6.0 4.1 2.4 28.9% 6.61 5.60 -0.8

The veteran pitchers have been solid thus far, while the youngsters have struggled somewhat. Can Hernandez reverse that, and throw strikes?