Game 49: Orioles 0, Blue Jays 5

The Good:

* Ty Wigginton went 2-3 with walk, and Miguel Tejada was also on base three times (3-4). Luke Scott walked and singled, though he did strike out twice.

The Bad:

* The umpiring in the first inning. First Ty Wigginton hits a double but is called out on his slide into second (he got his foot in before the tag). Then, in the bottom of the inning, Matt Wieters threw a runner out a second-base – easily I thought – but the umpire called him safe. I didn’t even realize that was the case until the runner came around to score. Also in the fifth, when Corey Patterson popped out but should have been called safe based on catcher’s interference (the catcher’s glove appeared to contact Patterson’s bat on the swing).

Edit: Commenter Chet informed me that the Scott Moore dropped the ball at second on the steal attempt. I didn’t see the replay, but I thought he applied the tag in plenty of time. Sorry for my error. Wieters made a great throw though.

* Kevin Millwood wasn’t helped by the umpires or his defense, but the two home runs were going to hurt no matter what. Perhaps his second worst start of the season; 6 IP, 6 H, 5 R (4 ER), 1 BB, 2 K.

* Only 8 hits – all officially singles – and two free passes. Matt Wieters especially had a tough night, going 0-4 with 3 of the team’s 10 K’s.

The Final:

O’s get shutout, and lose 5-0. Maybe I’m a bad fan, but I gave up on this one after the first inning. Now 15-34 on the season. Ugly.