Game 39: Orioles vs. Royals

The Orioles outplayed the Indians for the first 17 innings of their weekend series, but innings 18 through 27 were all Cleveland and the Birds dropped 2 of 3. Coming into town for the last couple game of the O’s home-stand are the Kansas City Royals, who have the second worst record in the AL. A two-game sweep before going on the road would be nice, but tonight’s game is the one the O’s have the better chance at with Brad Bergesen on the mound against Kyle Davies. Actually, KC just fired their manager which I suppose means they’re going to be magically better and win both games*.

* They may – I’d say there’s about a 30% chance of that happening – but it’ll have a whole lot more to do with how KC’s two starters pitch than with whatever dumb by-the-book things Ned Yost does.

Royals’ line-up:

  Bat Pos Batting Def WAR
Podsednick, Scott L LF .294/.331/.381 2.1 1.0
Aviles, Mike R 2B .388/.388/.531 -0.3 0.5
DeJesus, David L RF .259/.346/.441 -1.6 0.5
Butler, Billy R 1B .338/.380/.473 -1.3 0.8
Guillen, Jose R DH .255/.310/.476   0.2
Callaspo, Alberto S 3B .300/.333/.473 0.9 0.9
Maier, Mitch L CF .241/.337/.342 1.2 0.3
Betancourt, Yuniesky R SS .269/.296/.385 -0.6 0.2
Kendall, Jason R C .286/.357/.341 -1 0.5


K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP^ xFIP^ WAR^
6.6 4.1 0.9 42.0% 4.39 5.07 0.5

Former Atlanta Brave; current mediocre Royals player. Potato, potahto.

His stuff^:

Davies is going with the cutter even more this year, and it’s been a very good pitch for him so far. The change-up also has been good at getting whiffs, and it’s had a lot of tailing action on it. His curve is a big 12-6 type breaker, though it’s not been a swing and miss offering this year. Davies seems like the kind of guy who can be effective when he’s hitting his spots but that doesn’t always happen.

O’s line-up:

  Bat Pos Batting Def WAR
Patterson, Corey L LF .300/.364/.500 2 0.1
Markakis, Nick L RF .294/.389/.434 -1.3 0.7
Wigginton, Ty R 2B .320/.387/.680 -3.8 1.3
Tejada, Miguel R 3B .278/.322/.421 0.7 0.6
Scott, Luke L DH .245/.304/.500   0.3
Wieters, Matt S C .264/.331/.388 1 0.7
Jones, Adam R CF .245/.273/.365 -2.7 -0.4
Atkins, Garrett R 1B .243/.271/.311 -0.9 -0.5
Izturis, Cesar S SS .206/.264/.227 0.9 -0.3

This line-up is ordered almost exactly from best to worst 2010 hitters, with only Wigginton being out of place (he’s at the top). Not perfect, but I like it (especially Nick batting second).


K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GB rate FIP xFIP WAR
3.0 3.0 1.8 50.0% 6.17 5.61 -0.2

Bergy’s had two good starts in a row, and is finally getting some sink on his fastball again. Hopefully it continues.