Game 29: Orioles 2, Twins 0

The Good:

* Bergesen had his best start of the season, and the Pitch/FX – and the eye – indicates that he was getting a lot more sinking action on his fastball than he had been. The control looked a little spotty – not just with ball/strike (41/56) but location – though it didn’t really hurt him. Final line; 6.2 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 0 K. Against a good Twins line-up with 7 left-handed batters in it, you have to be very, very happy with the performance. Plus, the 12 groundouts to 6 flyouts. Hopefully Bergy’s back.

* Definitely back –  at least on the mound – is Koji Uehara. The right-hander (sporting some long side-bruns – he might want to have a chat with Brady Anderson about that) pitched a perfect 8th inning, picking up a strike-out.

* Alfredo “Shutdown Sauce” Simon (still working on that nickname) followed Koji with a perfect ninth for the save. Three quick groundball outs. Mid 90s sinker does the job.

* Wigginton hit his 10th home run of the year, driving in the O’s only runs of the game, and later added a single.

* Tejada went 2-3 and drew a walk.

* Markakis singled and walked. After a hot start and a lull, Nick is back to drawing a free pass on an almost daily basis.

The Bad:

* Jones went 0-4 and struck out twice. Why is he still batting lead-off again?

* Offense wasn’t great, picking up just 7 hits (6 singles) and 3 walks. It was enough tonight, but usually won’t be. The 3 double plays didn’t help either. When you’re already having trouble getting guys on base, having them erased just makes it even tougher to score runs.

The Final:

O’s hold the lead, winning it 2-0. That improves their record to 8-21 on the season. Very nice win for the team.