Game 26: Orioles 1, Yankees 4

The Good:

* Markakis walked and doubled. That’s what I like to see from my #2 hitter right there.

* Wieters went yard to the opposite field (again). Power people. He has it; it’s in there somewhere, and when he taps it more frequently (and maybe starts to pull some homers) he’ll be dangerous. He also walked, which is nice.

* Atkins went 2-3 and made a nice play at first-base. Credit where it’s due, though he’s still going back to the bench against righties in all likelihood. Especially given that Hughes pinch-hit for him in the 9th against Joba (he struck out, by the way).

The Bad:

* Guthrie didn’t have the best night. Well, he did, except for that one pitch that Randy Winn (!) hit out for a three-run homer. Final line: 7 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 2 BB, 2 K. Decent for a start at Yankee Stadium. If it wasn’t Winn but A-Rod or Cano that went deep, I might have put it in the above category.

* Wigginton made an error at second and also misplayed another ball. Even if it’s one of his best positions, he’s still not great out there.

* BABIP (for both teams, really). Only 6 combined K’s in the game, but batters managed just 10 non-HR hits on 54 balls in play.

The Final:

The winning streak ends at 3, as the O’s offense couldn’t get much off of Sabathia and lose 4-1. Drops them to 7-19 on the season.