Game 129: Orioles 3, Angels 1

The Good:

* Brad Bergesen stayed with the prominent four-seamer strategy (averaging almost 92 mph with the pitch, and getting 5 whiffs with it), and it worked once again. Final line; 8 IP, 4 H, 1 R*, 0 BB, 4 K. Despite locating up in the zone more and not using his sinker much, Bergy still got more groundballs (13) than flyballs (10). I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with that piece on Bergesen from a couple weeks ago where I wrote about how he was pitching pretty differently. Neat to actually find something like that, and then see it on the field.

* The one run actually scored on the first of two balks called on Bergesen. Have no idea why it was called, even based on replays.

* Matt Wieters singled and doubled.

* Josh Bell – who didn’t even start the game – went 2-2 and made a slick fielding play at third. The kid’s got a strong arm and it looks like the range is decent enough – he jsut needs some more experience there. Also, his plate discipline has been pretty atrocious.

* Besides Bell, Izzy, Pie, and Patterson all made some nice defensive plays as well.

The Bad:

* Brian Roberts led off the game with a double, stole third, and scored, but also had to leave the game early due to a hip injury. Sounds like he’s day-to-day.

* Felix Pie’s all hacking, all the time strategy was entertaining for a while, but now that his striking out again (twice today) he needs to chase less and maybe take a walk every now and again.

The Final:

O’s win 3-1, and are now 2.5 games ahead of the Pirates. Not sure the Birds will catch up to them, but it might be close. The next loss by the O’s or wins by the Rays and Yankees will eliminate Baltimore from the playoffs, I believe. Might happen in August. August!