Game 109: Orioles 2, White Sox 1

The Good:

* Brad Bergesen extended the O’s streak of quality starts to four, and did a nice job despite more flyballs (9) than groundballs (7). Final line; 7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 1 HR.

* Koji Uehara continued looking great out of the pen, striking out a pair in his inning of work.

* Alfredo Simon followed Koji and sure looked like Shutdown Sauce in this one. Gave up a couple hits in his 2 IP, but did a pretty good job throwing strikes and K’ed 2 batters as well with some wicked stuff.

* Brian Roberts went 2-4 with a walk out of the lead-off spot, though he did make an error in the field.

* Nick Markakis had a 4-5 night and ran down a couple of balls in right.

* Luke Scott picked up a couple hits and was given an intentional walk.

* Adam Jones only went 1-5, but the 1 was a walk-off single through the infield in the bottom of the tenth.

The Bad:

* Buck batted Julio Lugo in the 6 spot in the line-up, partly because he was OPS’ing .751 versus lefties this year (.501 versus righties) (apparently). Of course, for his career Lugo actually has a very small platoon split (.725 vs. .720), and applying that to our current projection of his overall hitting ability (~.690 OPS), we get him as maybe a .700 OPS guy versus lefties. Lugo went 0-3 with a strike-out, and then had to be pinch-hit for in the 8th with the bases loaded. Corey Patterson struck out there, giving the six-hole a total of -0.234 Win Probability Added for the game. I like that he’s trying stuff and using some numbers though.

The Final:

Games these days I like the team will win every day. Before I felt like they were going to lose every day. I know that’s not right, but that’s what my gut says. Four in a row for Buck and the Birds.