Felix Pie Passes A Hall of Famer

Congratulations to Felix Pie on setting a Baltimore Orioles record that almost no one knew or cared about! I was checking out his recent stats – he’s been on a tear since his T-shirt day – when I noticed that he had walk and strike-out rates of 0% and 0% respectively. That certainly stood out, and I began announcing with each plate appearance how long Pie’s streak of putting the ball in play was (no HBP allowed). Last Saturday who tied, and then broke (and an exceptionally weak groundball) the O’s record for consecutive plate appearances without a K, BB, or HBP that had previously been held by Baltimore legend and Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson (hat tip to Heath of Dempsey’s Army for looking that one up). The streak started after a 6th inning walk on July 29th versus the Royals, and came to an end 63 plate appearances later in the 4th inning on August 15th as Jeremy Hellickson struck out Felix swinging (he K’ed the side). In between those two games (non-inclusive), Pie hit a tidy .345/.339/.552 with 7 extra-base hits in 58 at bats, with a sac fly and a sac bunt. The franchise record was still a ways off (courtesy of Heath as well, Hank Severeid went 87 straight PA in 1924), and as recently as 2001 both Juan Pierre and Placido Polanco had longer streaks. Felix is tops in Birdland though, and I thank him for giving me something to really cheer for this last week.